The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Orono PD Murder

Instead of this coward police force arresting and charging the people who lied to them alleging I was at Lakewinds Condos after one of their killers told me not to go there or else, they are forcing world famous lawyer Peter Erlinder to defend me against these lies instead od saving the world thanks to these criminals and some punk named Ken Potts, their little local Minister of Justice.

Four more cops all dumping their bullets into a Minnesota Citizen. Four shooters! Just like the Mom of 2 gunned down by these criminals who are not subject to the law until I run this State in November.

I've made a Formal FOIA/Data Practices Act request for all Public Data as we start investigating.

5 Dead citizens in the last few months and in 3 incidents not a bruise, not a scratch on the cops.

Their training is working out well for the police in this State until I dismantle them in November.

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