The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dr. Poole: No Public Safety Benefit

The UNREST AND DISGRUNTLEMENT WITH THE WHITEWASH COMING FROM THE KARSJENS ATTORNEYS, DEAN JANUS AND THE ACLU-MN...A WORTHLESS SHAM. Chuck Samuelson hasn't lifted a finger in his eternal tenure of abuse in this State. this sham prosecutor-controlled "Rights" group has never even challenged the illegal and unconstitutional sex statutes that led me into prison for ten years and then the MSDOP despite never having committed any crime(s).

The fact that neither of them have enough collective brains or courage to demand a Moratorium and immediate release of all State Hostages committed as sex offenders in Minneota. Judge Frank's LEGACY is on the line here as in 100 years people will marvel how this worst Human Rights Crisis started and was fed for 25 years...even Fed Dru Sjodin by our State's "Public Safety" Directors (Now Sheriff Richard Stanek) World Class DOC Risk Assessors who released Al Rodriguez but tried to commit me knowing I was innocent.

The only Constitutional options Judge Frank has is to release all now or Order to LRA...LL for the Re-Evaluations that will walk over men out of MSOP if Judge Frank uses the LIST I sent the Plaintiff attorneys...Some of the same people that offered over 18 months ago to start conducting these re-evaluations but the State refused my offer made before the Task Farce.

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