The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Monday, February 10, 2014

Citizen Comment

Comments : I see hour blog as im searching for hope of a release for our neighbors son... he is not the worst of the worst! he should not be in msop and im sure others also should not be there- some wise-acre found a way to makemoney off mn tax payers with a questionable group of people! all these"clients" hostages have a file that is available to the public! i would welcome a site to post their files! anyone reading my neighbors file would wonder y he, not the 33 yr old woman dating him at 16 or the 18 yr old woman sleeping with him mentioned in his file are still free yet he is sitting prison time for raping them at 18? he need to be set free! he has been punished for other peoples crimes since before 2001. his 20's have been stolen! im sorry i did not know how else to get this on ur blog-

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