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Monday, January 20, 2014

SCAP 1-10-14 Lindsay

I wanted to see what forensic shenanigans and legal gymnastics would transpire at Dale Lindsay's SCAP hearing on 1-10-14. When the hearing began there were 2 or 3 attorneys on the State side and only one on Lindsay's side.
Hennepin County case with unethical attorney Edwin Widseth for HCAO and an attorney from LORI SWANSON'S bunch of criminals at the AGO opposing Lindsay's request for release after 8-9 years at MSOP.  

Lindsay's Court-Appointed attorney, Ron Thorsett from Douglas F. McGuire's Commitment "Defense" Project demonstrated his total incompetence when he told me that you can't get a Second Examiner in a discharge case at SCAP! 

I informed him he was dead wrong and that my first paying MSOP Client Brad Steven's did request and obtain a Second Court-Appointed Examiner. 

The State's doctor, Amanda a Powers-Sawyer is not using Best Practices in her Risk Assessment and is using the prohibited High-Risk, High Needs Group in the Static99R (which falsely inflates reoffense likelihood by 3.5X ) to arrive at "Highly Likely" standard.

Mr. Thorsett was willing and planning to proceed in this case without ever requesting a neutral examiner as court appointed to hopefully reach a different conclusion re whether Lindsay met the standards for release from MSOP. 

Even I informed Mr. Thorsett his client can obtain a second court appointed and that I would be willing to consult pro bono he refused my offer. 

This means Ron doesn't want his client to be released from MSOP, which means Mr. Thorsett needs to be replaced by a new attorney who will want to cooperate with the one person in the world with the courage, experience, knowledge and training needed to obtain releases from MSOP. 

The paper from Dr. Hanson proves Lindsay's risk was low vs high when MN committed him so he can sue the State for Compensatory and Punitive damages after Brad Stevens and Dale Williams, Sr. and several hundred others also do. 

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