The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

High Risk/High Needs

I witnessed Dr. Amanda Powers-Sawyer, one of the most respected people in the sex offender industry testify that she used the Static99R's High Risk/High Needs in Dale Lindsay's SCAP Hearing last Friday.
I know from the Study by Greg DeClue and Dennis Zavotny that only the Routine Sample Group is to be used going forward until further notice and that High Risk/High Needs Group is not to be used in civil commitment cases. The NH Supreme Court in Hurley has determined only the Routine Sample is Admissible. "Lifetime Estimates" are not to be used  either. Using this banned Group produces a 3.5X effect in Risk Estimate/Scores. This means the 70%  "Highly Likely" on Static99 in Lindsay and 500 other Faked Cases becomes 20% and...
Combine this with the consensus now within the literature that treatment refusal nor denial of alleged offenses (or offenses) does not increase risk means I can walk 90% of the MSOP's 760 "Clients" out the FRONT DOOR as the same Junk Science that committed these guys now releases them. Stay tuned...:)

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