The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Forensic Psych Recruitment

I'm working on actively recruiting and mentoring Forensic Risk Assessors to replace the mostly incompetent and corrupt pool of Court-Appointed State Shills that have recommended commitment to over 500 Low and Moderate Risk Victims since 2004.
If interested in working these cases as Court-Appointed and/or private Examiners please call me at 952-769-7644
I know ethical Examiners who are willing to assist me in selecting and training the new psychologists to apply as Court-Appointed Examiners as nearly every case will be including Substitution of Counsel and Court-Appointments of NEW, credentialed, ethical psychologists   who will at least tell the truth and actually be neutral whether they be the First Examiner or Second.
The current pool that the AG uses must be replaced and there will be more options for new, credible Second Examiners until I can legally remove all of the doctors I can prove from the record evidence have violated their Oaths, acted unethically and did harm to the men their reports led to MSOP, which is most if not doctors since the State removed Dr . John Austin and others from after they refused to act as State Whores committing men to the mind-control punishment trap that is the MSOP. 

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