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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Curriculum Vitae: TWE

Curriculum Vitae

Thomas W. Evenstad
Contact Info
4407 Valley View Rd.
Edina, MN 55424

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Sex Offenders; Sex Offender Treatment; 5th Amendment issues with respect to sex offender treatment in DOC/MSOP; Due Process/Disciplinary processes in the MN DOC and the MSOP. Literature relating to MN and national Sex Offender Risk Assessment; MN and national Sex Offender Civil Commitment (Forensic Psychology/Law), State and Federal statutory case law regarding Sex Offender Civil Commitment; Constitutional implications of MN and national [SVP] laws; Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC); Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP); Dru Sjodin abduction-rape-torture-murder; Hennepin County Attorney's Office/Hennepin County District Court; Wrongful Conviction; Mental Health; Serial Homicide/Killers; Criminal Defense in MN/Nationally; Defending MN Sex Offender Civil Commitment (MSOP) cases; MSOP Discharge Process and Customs/Practices; Civil Litigation vs MSOP; MN DOC Risk Assessment/Community Notifications Unit; Criminal Justice System in MN/US; Innocence Project (MN/US); Polygraph: Forensic Use of Polygraph, Use of Polygraph in Sex Offender cases/treatment.
Attended Edina High School 1981-1984 and Graduated from EHS in 1984. Areas of Interest/Specialty Areas:: Psychology, History, Recent European History, Social Studies
Framed for Criminal Sexual Conduct by Richfield Police and Hennepin County Attorney's Office;
Abused and tortured for False Confessions to multiple alleged sex offenses State charged but were false;
Barry Woodgate administered Polygraph regarding alleged victim's allegations of rape: Result:
PASS: 99.97% No Deceit
March 20, 1999: Wrongfully convicted of rape by Hennepin County District Court;
1999-2001: 15 year exhaustive Sex Offender analysis/study commences and expert knowledge developed regarding sex offender treatment in DOC with particular emphasis regarding 5th Amendment implications regarding mandated sex offender treatment in the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC). Exhaustive study of 5th amendment law in MN and US.
Entered the MN Department of Corrections as a falsely labeled and wrongfully convicted Sex Offender/Rapist; Began studying criminals, sex offenders, prisons, prison staff and administrations, security systems, operational systems. MCF-St. Cloud, MCF-Lino Lakes
Mandated for sex offender treatment in DOC as an innocent Minnesota citizen. Discovered there is no Programming/Tract of MN DOC Sex Offender Treatment for an innocent, falsely accused and wrongfully convicted falsely state labeled "sex offemder". Unsuccessfully attempted to change DOC Policy to allow for an innocent person to enter, participate and complete the mandated sex offender treatment programming as there was a punishment of up to 540 days of Extended Incarceration for "Refusing" treatment or not being accepted into treatment by Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) staff. Interviewed twice for sex offender treatment by Jim Berg and Amy Conlon and denied entry into the SOTP based upon assertions of actual innocence to the sole sex offense conviction. Challenged the punishments ordered for being denied admission to SOTP based on Actual Innocence
Lived with and studied sex offenders in a correctional setting at MCF- STC and MCF-LL and interviewed sex offenders extensively regarding the SOTP. Interviewed non-participants, inmates terminated from the program for various reasons, and treatment completers; Contacted Ralph Underwager and Hollida Wakefield of Institute for Psychological Therapies (IPT)  in Northfield, MN and set up sex offender treatment in prison as IPT did not require admission(s) of guilt to enter, participate and complete sex offender treatment. MN DOC denied/refused IPT to provide treatment.
Founded and established the Minnesota Innocence Project (IPMN) after seeking help from every other state's IP's, including talking directly with Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld--the Founders of the IP in NY. Barry suggested I start one here so I called and wrote the three law schools until Founded.
Requested Innocence Support Group(s) in DOC: Denied/Refused

2001-2003: MCF-LL, MCF-Stillwater, MCF-Moose Lake: Read nearly every criminal appeal in Minnesota and nationally that may potentially impact my case, Studied Wrongful Conviction, Learned about Forensic Evidence and became expert in Wrongful Conviction. Continued to study killers, rapists, child molesters, exhibitionists, voyeurs, etc. as part of my on-the-job psychological learning, training and experience both through case law, literature, etc. as well as in the prison environments where the State detains them.  Identified dangerous Public Safety concern/issue and wrote Letter Proposal to Governor Tim Pawlenty, DOC Commissioner Joan Fabian, Commissioner of Public Safety Rich Stanek and numerous others in power in MN and in the US Government Proposing GPS Monitoring/Supervision for life for all High Risk, Level 3 sex offenders in MN and nationally, like Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr.
Please see: for more details and actual 5-page Letter Proposal, which had it been acted on by the Governor or Legislature would've saved Dru Sjodin's life. Provided MN DOC with information about one of my cell mate's stated plans to rape upon release which directly led to commitment of this individual.

2004-05: MCF-STW/Rush City (RC): Met attorney Jill Clark, who successfully sued Hennepin County for it's illegal and unconstitutional abuse, neglect and torture I experienced in the Hennepin County Jail (HCADC). Exhausted State Appeals in my Criminal case and initiated Federal Habeas Corpus as pro se litigant. Informed by MN DOC I was under review for Sexual Civil Commitment. Read every PP, SDP/SPP case in MN and read extensive case law from around the US regarding civil commitment in general and more specifically sexual civil commitment. Began to learn about the MSOP from civilly committed men in the MN DOC like Elliot Holly. Read and studied the literature relating to civil commitment and in particular sexual predator civil commitment. Began consulting with experts in the field of sex offender risk assessment and treatment such as Michael Miner, Ted Donaldson, Eric Janus, Gerald Kaplan, Warren Maas, Margretta Dwyer, Peter Erlinder, Hollida Wakefield, Dennis Johnston, Howard Barbaree, Fred Berlin, etc. Demanded Mark Uner of MN DOC arrest and charge the MN DOC's RA/CN Unit with violations of State Law regarding referring sex offenders who were not high risk.

2005-June 8, 2006 MCF-Oak Park Heights: Facing possible Petitioning for Commitment by HCAO John L. Kirwin, I called Mr. Kirwin and explained to him I was innocent and to please not Prosecute Bill Donnay and Governor Pawlenty's Petition. Prosecuted by Kirwin and detained for Hold Hearing on my DOC release date, June 8, 2006. Hold Hearing resulted in Hold Order to MSOP-St. Peter. Threatened by MCF-OPH Program Manager Lcie Stevenson to be sent on the DOC Interstate Transfer Rape-Murder Tour to "California, Texas and Florida" asking me if I know what prisoners do to "sex offenders" in those States, adding, "We can make what happened to Dru Sjodin happen to you" if I continued to try to locate Sjodin family members or the family attorney. Made FOIA/Ch. 13 Data Practices Act request for the Complaint in the Sjodin lawsuit against the State and provided an illegal response by DOC Legal Randy Hartnett that this information cannot be released.

June 15, 2006-March 7, 2007: Arrived MSOP-STP and immediately began conducting a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the Minnesota Sex Offender program and it's population--both captives and captors. Detailed the abuse, neglect, threats, punishment. etc. of the captors toward the captives. Read hundreds of Petitions for commitment. Read, analyzed and studied  at least 500 Examiner Reports in MN SDP/SPP cases. Interviewed dozens if not hundred men or more before and after clinical interviews with Court Appointed Examiners, commitment hearings, etc. Evaluated risk informally of every person I saw in person or had access to extensive enough information/records to form conclusions/opinion relating to risk of sexual re-offense. Witnessed the illegal and unconstitutional aspects/nature of the MSOP and documented it extensively. Assaulted physically and sexually by MSOP staff and entire legal defense seized. Forced into Protective Isolation under threat of bodily harm on four (4) saeperate occasions. Appealed all 4 PI placements to MSOP PI Review Panel who upheld all 4 PI Placements. Repoted violations of PI Procedure to DHS. DHS sent investigator to interview me and MSOP issued Corrective Order and informed all 4 of my PI detentions were in violation of MSOP Procedure and Minnesota State Law.

March 7, 2007-April 29, 2008: MCF-STW: Mounted my defense against commitment to MSOP. Contacted dozens of experts in MN and nationally regarding risk assessment and became expert in risk assessment outside of the formal psychological education or training to formulate mental health diagnosis or conduct formal clinical/forensic interviews which require diagnosis be made/reviewed. 

April 29, 2008-August 18, 2008: Prepared for and underwent formal SDP/SPP Evaluations by Dr. Robert Gordon and Dr. Tom Alberg who both concluded that I do not meet statutory criteria for either commitment statute and that I pose low risk of sexual "re-offense".

August 18, 2008-2011: Released from Judicial Hold Order. Began ISR and worked for Civil/Criminal Defense attorney Jill Clark who trained me in Paralegal duties and ethics. Worked on Brad Stevens Civil Commitment case.

2011-Present: Founded my MSOP Consulting/Paralegal  business: under Company name TEVEnterprises, LLC. Member of Sex Offender Civil Commitment Defense association (SOCDA) Routinely consulted with numerous attorneys and forensic experts in SVP cases. Continued working on Brad Stevens case as my first client on an informal basis. Obtained additional MSOP clients and was allowed to File/Submit 9-Page Letter Request to US District Court to brief the Court as a "Friend of the Court" via Amicus curiae brief. Responsible for the Supreme Court Appeal Panel schedule being publicly posted after 10 years; Achieved MN First for my first MSOP Client Brad Stens: Mn's first Court-Appointed Independent Examiner determine Mr. Stevens meets all statutory criteria for a Full Discharge from MSOP, despite being an MSOP "non-participant". No attorney or Law Professor or anyone has any MSOP detainee closer to release.


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