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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Attorney Recruitment

I'm actively working on replacing the pool of Court-Appointed attorneys outside of two attorneys on the Hennepin County Commitment Defense Project. 
If interested in discussing working as a Court-Appointed and/or private lawyer in these cases please call me at 952-769-7644
I'm connecting with numerous attorneys in Minnesota who are civil and/or criminal defense attorneys who are expressing interest in applying to replace the incompetent pool of Court-Appointed attorneys. 
Mankato-Based attorney Ryan Magnus, (ex-City of St. Peter Prosecutor) has been spoon-fed nearly 150 MSOP Clients and I'm mentoring up attorneys to lighten Ryan of that load so his Firm can focus on other areas. Magnus' public comments at the secret Task Force meetings proved he's not competent to represent MSOP clients. For example, Mr. Magnus publicly stated his opposition to heightening the Burden of Proof to Beyond a Reasonable Doubt--the criminal standard--with his rationale that no trier of fact could find. "Highly Likely" beyond a reasonable doubt. This comment demonstrates his ignorance that most SVP states require the criminal standard (KA was the US S CT Case(s) State--Reasonable doubt) and that the issue in these cases is not whether the Highly Likely (One Element of 4) is proven by any legal standard but rather whether the State has proved their case for Commitment beyond a reasonable doubt.
The record evidence will support and the attorneys clients themselves will demand via Court Motions (as MSOP "clients" Brad Stevens (Ryan Magnus) and Dale Williams Sr. (Dave Jaehne) have already done at SCAP under my Expert Consultation suggestions) these attorneys who previously have been obligated to defend freedom and restore liberty and did neither for 20 years.
Here is a initial, partial list of attorneys who will be removed from involvement and financial gain from their representation via my lawsuit remedies or Karsjens or by future litigation. 

1. Don Betzold (Facing Federal Prison)
2. Doug McGuire (Requested to resign)
3. Dave Jaehne 
4. Ron Thorsett


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