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The MSOP...

Friday, November 22, 2013

OLA '14: Courts: Examiners/Defense Cost Audit

It's Time State Watchdog James Nobles digs deep into the astronomical costs of these Fake Mental Health Commitments since 11/22/03 via our State Court System paying County Attorneys, "Defense" attorneys, Examiners, Court Reporter time, etc. which abuses these severely overburdened resources.

It's a fact that psychologists have written papers stating their beliefs that IT IS UNETHICAL FOR PSYCHOLOGISTS TO FEED THE SYSTEM OF FAKE MENTAL HEALTH COMMITMENTS FOR ALLEGED SEX CRIMINALS THAT THE APA'S 1999 Task Force stated clearly was an ABUSE OF THE CIVIL COMMITMENT PROCESS AND STOLE NEEDED RESOURCES (Including the 15 State Psychologists on the "Court Appointed" Attorney General's List) resulting in increased Teen and Veteran SUICIDES, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/HOMICIDES, persons who actually HAVE MENTAL DISORDERS/ILLNESS LANGUISHING IN JAILS/PRISONS far longer than they would if these people faking Sex Offender Commitments with their transparent, ridiculous "Opines" showing same thing as in my criminal case: Decision driven analysis (if you can even call it that) to result in 60-88-(2004) premeditated "civil" commitments that have 42 Dead at my last count and AN EPIDEMIC OF AIDS/HIV AS DHS/MSOP REFUSE TO PROVIDE THE DOUBLE-BUNKED AND LOCKED IN OVERNIGHT HOMOSEXUALS THE SAME CONDOMS DHS OFFERS FREE AND IN LARGE JARS AT CANTEEN FOR ALL OTHER CLASSES COMMITTEES.

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