The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lucinda Jesson: Unethical

Lucinda Jesson is an unethical person that you cannot trust. While embracing her InHuman Services Legacy of funding Punitive Preventive Detention for 750 Sex Offenders, with 30% (225 men + 1 woman) not even being considered high risk as they are trapped at MSOP as Level 1 & 2's.

Current DHS Commissioner Jesson Commissioner Lucinda Jesson(Pictured) states publicly that her Department responsibly allocates it's funds so that Minnesotan's get the most bang for their buck! That bold lie is being exposed as more and more people read my blog and see what MSOP really is: A sick, perverted evil detention center.

Congress grilled Jesson about the greed and avarice she has shown, her underhanded ways of doing business, and about her lack of candor or veracity regarding the Medicaid monies she tried to scam Uncle Sam on:

The Dayton Administration needs to Fire Lucinda Jesson and Nancy Johnston, demote Bonnie Wold and Scott Melby and replace them with qualified staff, dismantle OSI and I'd like to talk with Anne Barry to gather data as to whether she needs to go also. She refuses to call/contact me.

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