The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

#mnleg On Record Life Sentence, Not "Treatment"

The Minnesota Government is On Record stating the purpose of their Sex Offender Witch Hunt ("Crackdown") was for "Sending sex offenders who have completed their prison terms to secure facilities for the rest of their lives if they are not deemed to be a threat to society." (Typo left)

I just uncovered an important piece of evidence in which the State is on Record stating in this Press Release the true motivation behind the MSOP, and it's purpose for existing and being funded (despite the transparent fa├žade/guise that "Treatment" is the purpose) and that the State is acting in Good Faith in that the "Civil" Commitment Statutes are primarily Remedial, and not Punitive. That is just to give the corrupt courts an excuse to reject Substantive Due Process challenges.

WHEN YOU COMBINE THIS EVIDENCE WITH ALL THE REST AND THEN ADD DEAN MOONEY'S INTERNAL KNOWLEDGE OF THE STATE OF MINNESOTA'S DIRTIEST LITTLE SECRET:, it begins to look as though the cowardly, corrupt MN Supreme Court, which has enabled this abomination for 20+ years will finally have to reverse the 4-3 decisions from a generation ago that MSOP is Treatment, not PUNISHMENT, which should have happened within a few years of the State abusing their Police Power.  

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