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Monday, September 30, 2013

Discharges: MSOP or ME?

Look at who MSOP thinks are good candidates to join your neighborhood based on "Treatment":

1) John Rydberg: 100+ Victims
2) Clarence Opheim: 29+ Boy Victims
3) Kirk Fugelseth: 31+ Children (Boys & Girls Ages 3-14): The district court applied the Blodgett factors in reaching its conclusion that Fugelseth has an utter lack of power to control his sexual impulses and meets the criteria of an SPP. 

The district court noted that Fugelseth had committed approximately 200 acts of sexual misconduct, ranging from indecent exposure to oral and anal intercourse, against a large number of male and female victims ranging in age from three to 14; that he facilitated much of the abuse through grooming behavior and much of the misconduct occurred when he was in a position of trust or authority over the victims; that psychological evaluations indicate that Fugelseth's attitude toward his misconduct has been characterized by feelings of entitlement, lack of remorse, minimization and denial; that he continued to offend while he was subject to therapeutic and punitive consequences of previous convictions for sexual misconduct; that he continued to place himself in situations where sexual misconduct could occur; that he has never exhibited a period of real control over his behavior; and that he continues to experience deviant arousal
It's a disturbing and troubling story out of the Twin Cities involving a convicted sex offender with ties to heinous crimes in Moorhead:

Fugelseth has admitted to molesting more than 30 boys and girls from ages 3 to 14. In 1997, he admitted that he had been molesting his girlfriend's 9-year-old daughter for months after he moved to Moorhead, records show. His first sex crime conviction followed a 1993 charge for sexually molesting two boys in Oregon. In 2003, Clay County asked the court to have him civilly committed, claiming he was a danger to the community...
Fugelseth, 47, admitted that he sexually victimized more than 30 children starting when he was 14. For more than two decades, he would gain the trust of children with gifts and favors over time, and then violate them, court records show. He held a position of authority over many of his victims and he continued to reoffend even when he was on probation or receiving treatment for past sexual offenses, records show.

Forty-seven year-old Kirk Fugelseth has been recommended for release from Minnesota's most secure treatment program, the Minnesota Sex Offender Program in St. Peter and Moose Lake. He admitted to molesting more than 30 boys and girls between the ages of 3 to 14.

In 1997, he said he'd been molesting his girlfriend's 9 year old for months, after he moved to Moorhead. Clay County Court asked the court to have him civilly committed because he was a danger to the community.

If approved, Fugelseth would be one of only three men released from the program, which is facing pressure to prove it's not a lifetime sentence. The release is up to the Supreme Court Appeal panel.

4) Thomas Duvall: Duvall was convicted of raping a 17-year-old Brooklyn Park girl at knife point in 1987 just after completing a prison term for a separate rape conviction, records show.

Duvall, now 57, was living in a Minneapolis halfway house in 1987, when one day after Christmas, he coaxed a Brooklyn Park teenager into letting him into her apartment, saying he needed to use the telephone. Records show he tied her to a bed and terrorized her for more than three hours, sexually assaulting her with a hammer and a curling iron.


1) Brad Stevens: Three (3) Adult Acquaintance He-Said/She-Said Cases with No Physical Evidence, Rape Kit, or other credible evidence  supporting rape claims.

2) Joshua Cox: 69 IQ/DD

3) Orlando Lindgren: Severely Disabled/Wheelchair Bound:


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