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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Darrell Seward: False "Victim" "Impact" Stmt

The father of my FALSE ACCUSER, Darrell Seward made the "victim"" impact" statement following the Illegal, Unconstitutional Abomination of a Fair Trial in corrupt 's corrupt courtroom. Fitting the Head Criminal Tim Pawlenty Appointed this Ivy League Criminal in his Black Dress Urinating on the Constitution and Defecating on the Founding Father's graves for his successful corruption in the case of his life.

My elderly Dad and I watched this lying coward Darrell Seward, who was nowhere to be found or seen like the rest of FALSE ACCUSER HANNAH SEWARD's entire entourage, including her "Victim" Advocate. No after lying on the witness stand at my RAPE TRIAL, "victim" Hannah Marie Seward was not present for the jury verdict. There was no way she nor her family were going to be present at verdict in case the jury got it right and acquitted me. No way they would face that disgrace!

Hannah Seward, her sickening Dad Darrell Seward of Seward Auto Body in Hopkins, MN and all the rest of her crew assembled for my Sentencing by the Dishonorable Criminal Francis Connolly. Hannah herself, with all the lies she told in the case couldn't even bring herself to face me at Sentencing and utter a word of her "victimization" let alone it's "impact"! No Daddy did that.

The outrage spewed from the mouth of this POS was shocking. The absolute bullshit lies coming from this Dad who Buddy System Chat Line members who had been with his sexually promiscuous daughter I had tape recorded saying that during sex, the State's little victim would exclaim, "Rape Me Daddy!" Yes, Mark Sherwood and others stated that on audio tapes that I have and will publicly post. Beth Roberts and the Richfield Police had these audio tape recordings also where firsthand accounts of men stated Hannah Seward would shriek "Rape me Daddy" during sex with them.

Neither Minister of InJustice Persecutor Stu Shapiro nor DisHonorable "Judge" Connolly wanted my jury to know that so they prevented that evidence from ever seeing the light of day in CONNOLLY's corrupt courtroom.

During my "RIGHT of ALLOCUTION" Connolly prevented me from exercising my right to tell him exactly what I thought of his RAILROADING, the State's Lying Victim, the Dirty Cop   violating my rights and FRAMING ME FOR "RAPES" that never occurred, Stu "ShitBird"'s Malicious prosecution, all of it and Judge Connolly shouted me down, and told me he was going to show me the same Mercy I showed his lying co-conspirators of "SERIOUS FELONY" AGGRAVATED RAPE.

I will Post my Sentencing Transcript soon for the world to see Connolly's abusive bullying.

I wrote Darrell Seward while I was being assaulted and tortured by sadistic guards in the Hennepin County Jail in 1998 and I pleaded with him to tell the truth as he and his wife and whole family knew Hannah was never raped. At least she was never raped by me. I know that. What I don't know is whether Mr. Darrell Seward can say the same thing truthfully.

Hannah married a real Sex Offender, John Barrie, who has provided one of my Investigators with a very interesting statement. I'm suing every criminal in my case from Seward to Roberts once I prove my innocence even in the most corrupt State Court System in the United States of America: MN.



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