The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Friday, May 17, 2013

Politics (As Usual) In Minnesota

This is the reason over 700 men and one woman are illegally and unconstitutionally imprisoned in the MSOP Gulags in Moose Lake and Saint Peter, Minnesota: Politics In Minnesota:

The Legislature, led by head criminal Donald Betzold, Chief Author of the SDP Act, has utterly failed in their responsibility to repeal this legislation which has led to this Constitutional Crisis.

Please see the cogent Comment, which was a necessary response to any suggestion that the Minnesota Court System is worthy of any respect or trust, as with extremely rare exception it is the Minnesota Courts who have established their illegal, unconstitutional body of law rather than declare the SDP Act and the SPP law unconstitutional on their faces and as applied in 1995, or since then.

Remember, Dennis Benson, Nancy Johnston, Sex Offender Extraordinaire Gary Grimm, Lucinda Jesson have all drank the Kool-Aid and have the MSOP Mantra down pat: Court In, Court Out:

Translation: It is acceptable and understandable for us at the Department of Human Suffering (DHS) to send the Governor and Legislature our 1-Pg "Fast Lies" demanding 76Million $$$ for 121 men over the next two years--a 60.5 Human Quota, and for the Governor to approve this barbaric, illegal and unconstitutional Human Quota...after all, it is the Judge Paul Nelson's and Peter Albrecht's all over this State who are really to blame. After all, it is the District Courts who pay mostly state biased quacks $200+/hr for Court IN, and $75/hr for Court OUT, with a Court OUT who has not released one person from civil commitment despite sound bytes at Task Force meetings about warehousing and getting them on the back end. How about showing as much fervor and motivation to Fully Discharging these Political Prisoners as your fellow corrupt lawyers in Robes had in the COURT IN part. That'd be great.

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