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Thursday, May 23, 2013

MNLEG/Courts/GovDayton: Corruption, not "Politics"

I learned today that the MN House of Representatives failed to pass the House Bill relating to MSOP, which was not a bill I was very excited about. It did nothing to slow the flood of 50-70 men per year when for the 20 year period before the preventable Dru Sjodin murder (which I believe William Donnay and other Stakeholders in MSOP planned and executed with Rodriquez as the pawn in the State's policy decisions) the sex offender commitment rate in MN was an average of 6 men per year.

"Politics" and it's all "Political" have been the easy faux concern expressed by all parties to date. That is highly convenient, isn't it. Who's Politics? Is it Bill Donnay? John Kirwin? Matthew Frank? Angela Kiese? Harry Hoberman? Paul Nelson's of District Courts, 's of the Court of Appeals, and Eric S. Magnuson and now Lorie Gildea (and at least 3 other co-conspirators on the MN S Ct to willfully violate the Constitutional Rights of over 700 detainees, costing 76+ Million Dollars per year)...just exactly who is Politics? Politics is a label like Team, which is designed to avoid responsibility and allow the abuses to continue.

No, this isn't about "Politics" since the PREVENTABLE DRU SJODIN MURDER, it has been about cowardice and corruption. It has been about evil. It has been about individual people who are always justifying their illegal and unconstitutional actions/behavior/conduct under the false flag of "Public Safety". Their unconscionable conduct has not only deprived over 700 human beings of their liberty not for anything the government alleges they have done in their pasts. No. It is because these people are so evil and drunk on their power that they have not only cost these people their lives, but also the lives of the 1000's if not 10s of thousands of Minnesota's NON-SEX OFFENDER CITIZENS WHO GO DOWN TO THESE CRIMINALS IN THEIR SHINY BUILDING CALLED THE CAPITOL BEGGING AND PLEADING FOR MONEY FOR CHILDREN, VETERANS, SUICIDE PREVENTION, SPINE CELL RESEARCH...YOU NAME IT, THEY ARE THERE ASKING THESE UNCARING, EVIL PEOPLE FOR HELP.

DO THEY GET HELP? No, they got COWARDICE AND CORRUPTION. Same as every year!


How did MN go from identifying that year in and year out, there are only a few, up to a dozen on the outside that met Commitment criteria to 50-60+ men annually who "meet" criteria: Corruption from Tom Roy's "World Class" Evaluators, who seem skilled in locking up non-threats forever and releasing the most dangerous threats upon society for Donnay to add to his victim count as serial killer by proxy; Corrupt prosecutors whether John Kirwin, Mark Ostrem, the other 80+ heroes posing as law enforcement/"Justice" officials and the rotten, corrupt AG's office of Lori Swanson where career lawyers like Matthew Frank and Angela Helseth-Kiese have illegally and unconstitutionally "supported" the corrupt DA's in MN who have targeted these men for Political Prisoners; the abomination that is our Leaderless Legislature: Criminals in suit, tie, blouse who sit on their ample rear ends every session flapping their gums about the illegal, unconstitutional MSOP and then allocating more and more funds every year! The people that have done nothing with the most knowledge of the realities of the hellish conditions of confinement: Limmer, Abeler, Liebling, Lourey should be bounced out of their jobs the minute the Session ended! they've had years to present the evidence and call the witnesses. I gave the the path, and they rejected it.  I knew in October this DHS run Task Force Chaired by two Judges: One whose own corruption and cowardice has brought us here as a State: Ex Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Eric Magnuson. Perhaps more than any single person, Magnuson is the most responsible for this Constitutional Crises as he passed on hundreds of MSOP HOSTAGE APPEALS FOR THE MINNESOTA SUPREME COURT TO APPLY THE LAW, THE LAW OF THE LAND (The CONSTITUTION ) and DECLARE THE SDP ACT AND THE SPP LAW UNCONSTITUTIONAL ON THEIR FACES AND AS APPLIED! Yet this big shot didn't do anything to stem this crisis for the years he ran the Supreme Court. How fitting this is DHS "Leader" of this inept Task Force; Finally the Courts. Illegal. Corrupt. Same Courts that frame and convict innocent non-sex offender citizens and convert them into convenient State Labels and Sex Offenders/Rapists, etc. Rubber Stamp Criminal Appeals! Injustice from A-Z BEING EXPOSED!

It called for the satellite MSOP-Lite SIST Residential Centers in the State, which the Task Force recommended. It also called for biannual evaluations of the HosPrisoner.

Now the Federal Court will need to call the State's bluff and declare the SDP and SPP Commitment schemes unconstitutional on their faces and as applied as if stated for years. They will have to release them all. There is little risk in releasing every hostage in MSOP. The average risk profile of the Level 3's on the streets is far higher than the average risk profile of the MSOP thanks to the Donnays, Kirwin's, Ostrems, and the wonderful "support" from the AGO.

Judges Joanne Smith and Kathleen Gearin have both openly stated in public that these 500+ commitments to MSOP since Dru Sjodin have been Politically Motivated, and that our sex commitment laws are illegal, unconstitutional and yet they sit on the body hearing every HosPrisoner Appeal and they have rejected every single illegal, unconstitutional MSOP Commitment. Why?

Corruption. They are more concerned over their image and reputations than in applying the law! One if the most shocking things I've ever heard come out if the mouth of a judge anywhere anytime was Chief Judge JoAnne Smith's refusal to consider any laws or bodies if law outside of her MN ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL "Law". In the Brad Stevens SCAP Hearingvon 2/15/13, Dr. Robert Reidel, who I selected as the Court-Appointed Examiner in Brad's case tried to get in the record testimony from an important SVP case in New Hampshire dealing with whether the Junk Science Sex Offender Risk Tests (Static99/99R) meet acceptable standards for forensic inclusion in these cases. In that Hurley Decision Dr. Reidel raised in the SCAP courtroom, the Judge held that partially due to the creators of Static99: David Thornton, Amy Phenux, et al steadfast refusal to provide their raw data to other psychologists and statisticians to review independently and the inherent false ballooning of Risk Estimates based on the dire limitations of this instrument it was held to NOT MEET THE DAUBERT STANDARD!  ( FRYE/MACK) test in Minnesota.

Judge Smith hollered at Bob Reidel "I'm not going to allow that! This is MINNESOTA (emphasis added)! What an absolute outrage! Judge Smith was stating clearly she (and the entire SCAP BENCH) HAVE NO INTEREST IN SVP LAW OUTSIDE MN! THEY WILL NIT THE PROGRESSIVE BODY OF SVP LAW THAT IS MOVING DIRECTLY TOWARD OUTLAWING THE PREVENTIVE DETENTION IF ANY US CITIZENS:Sex Offender or not.

Another sickening display from Judge Smith occurred when Brad Stevens stood at the end of his hearing and turned to smile and say hello to a female friend who drove from Goodhue Couty to lend support to Stevens: A VICTIM OF GOODHUE COUNTY CORRUPTION AND GET EM ON THE BACK END INJUSTICE AND SHE YELLED AT HIM TO FACE FORWARD LIME AN SS STORMTROOPER SHOUTING DIRECTIVES. Then moments later when Brad walked to the exit doors to voluntarily be ILLEGALLY AND UNCONSTITUTIONALLY TAKEN HOSTAGE AGAIN, Smith denigrated and abused Stevens screaming at the bailiffs and deputies to get handcuffs on thus man as he was in custody! My 85 year old Dad was sickened and shaken from Judge Smith's hostility and behavior. It's obvious why they won't you take pictures or stream any video in these Corrupt Courtrooms in Minnesota: Keep the truth in here and DO NOT EXPOSE IT! There is no leadership nor accountability on SCAP. I've requested for several months from the SCAP people a list of every hostage that has come before this Panel, and all I get is games and stall. It looks like the SCAP IS FORCING ME TO SUBPOENA THEIR RECORDS AS THIS MUST STOP. MINNESOTA IS NOT GOING TO CONTINUE TO COMMIT 50 people in this Gulag.

Not if I can help it!

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