The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Guns, Gays & Political Prisoners

This Session at the State Legislature the focus was on Gun Rights--that brought out the masses, and then on Gay Marriage, which brought out even more. The Political Prisoners of MSOP were left there to rot, and the only "work", (if you can call it that) is the sporadic, secretive (SHHHHHH) Task Force meetings that no one in the state save the 20 people in the gallery will know anything about (thanks to the steadfast refusal of the true decision makers behind this "Task Force" to make this process transparent by posting the unedited audio of these meetings on the web) EXCEPT for the sanitized Meeting Minutes protecting the state from the shocking admissions from MSOP Director Nancy Johnson, Prolific Prosecutor John Kirwin, William Donnay--DOC s "Petitioner" many Death Warrants to MSOP, Judges who committed every low, moderate and moderate high sex offender who came in front of him, who stated plainly that DA's and Judges all over MN improperly used the sex civil commitment statutes for improper, punitive reasons as Jill Clark and I argued before Judge C. Peter Albrecht of Hennepin County, way back in the peak of the Witch Hunt in 2006, to no avail.

I have as a new client with my SVP business one of John Kirwin's victims. We will see how this case plays out as I work diligently to prove Kirwin's victim does not remotely qualify for commitment--and never did in the first place. Just another human being subject to Hennepin County's "JUSTICE"!

Stay tuned!

Since the Governor and the Legislature have decided to be complicit and enable the worst human rights violations since the Japanese Internment in WWII, I will post on the dramatic developments breaking in my wrongful rape conviction as my investigative team is developing exculpatory evidence and witnesses by the week as I prepare to shock the world with the truth of my rape frame!

Post In Progress

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