The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Grartitude & Respect: Convict Style

Here is a missive that was hand delivered to me from Cell #134 in MCF-Rush City's Segregation Unit led by Lt Gurney while a Mr. Brown was out on his one hour of 24 that we all usually got. The gutless cowards who have persecuted me for the last 15 years: Roberts, Cayo, Pertler, Stu ShitBird Shapiro, Connolly, Kirwin, Albrecht, Court of Appeals, MN S. CT., US District Court: Erickson/Frank, Eighth Circuit judges who all affirmed a clear wrongful conviction et al.; the punks in the MN DOC like Mark Uner and Lt. Walter Sass, etc. know nothing of courage, honor or integrity. My character has been forged from the kiln of Injustice & Persecution, yet like my peers before me, Solzhenitsyn  and Dostoevsky, I always had compassion and time for my fellow prisoners:

Note this Mr. Brown is one of the "Gorilla Niggers" as John Kirwin references African-Americans in his demented, fabricated  pleadings involving me. Pathetic and Shameful! How dare you try to paint me as a racist Kirwin. Go find Mr. Brown and interview him about my alleged racism. Ask Toni Beitz about Sal Lacota Bass, my "Gorilla Nigger" friend my Dad has bought Red Lobster for. After all, you all have violated every rigfht and canon/tenant of law there is. Go ahead...Talk amongst yourselves...Again!

Yes, my being racist. More lies.

I might just find Mr. Brown through DOC records and do it for you and post the results. The State has written a lot of checks it can't cash in my case. This is but just one instance of countless...

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