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The MSOP...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fatal CO Court Error = 2 Dead

What is largely omitted by the media is the murder of the devoted husband and father of two young daughters, who was moonlighting as a Dominos Pizza delivery driver in addition to his job/career at IBM to better his family.

Evan Ebel killed this innocent young family man for the pizza box, hat, shirt and possibly even lighted car topper that led I'm assuming to Tom Clements not perceiving a threat and opening his door to tell the pizza guy he's got the wrong house. Why Ebel didn't obtain a costume any other way than killing for it is just one of the tragedies in this shocking story.

This story hits home for me considering I delivered for Domino's for YEARS during my 20's--the peak time for actual Sex Offenders to be harming real victims. Despite working at Dominos for years by the U of M as a delivery driver solely, and later for years right in Agent Beth Roberts' Watch and can you imagine...Wait 4 It...the State of Minnesota's "Sex Offender/Rapist" never had a single allegation of improper behavior/conduct, in ANY "Matters", let alone SEXUAL MATTERS.

Many years later, Agent Beth Roberts of the Richfield Police Department committed several felony crimes, including but not limited to Obstruction of Justice and Witness Tampering in route to framing me for a prosecution Stu Shapiro was happy to bring, despite both of their knowledge of my innocence.

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