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The MSOP...

Friday, April 12, 2013

3/5/98 FAS Interview: Jury Never Saw

Here is a link to my 3/5/98 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome interview I gave Eyewitness News. The next morning, Agent Beth Roberts, Detective Dan Niccum and others broke and entered my home in a SWAT-Style Ambush/ASSAULT without Probable Cause in an ARMED HOME INVASION complete with Glock Handguns pointed at my face, "ASSAULT" weapons, and at least one Mossberg   Tactical 12-Gauge shotgun all aimed at me despite the fact that I had not committed any crime.

The State of Minnesota, after unsuccessfully attempting to elicit a false, coerced confession by mentally and physically torturing me for 371 days in the Hennepin County Jail made sure my jury never saw this exculpatory evidence. The abuses and torture I suffered in the Hennepin County Jail as an INNOCENT PRE-TRIAL DETAINEE I successfully sued Hennepin County over in 2004, which led, along with Dru Sjodin, Brain Fingerprinting, Being Innocent--All these little annoyances led to Minister of Injustice and Underserved Persecution, John L. Kirwin playing his little role in silencing & torturing me till death:

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