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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Orlando Lindgren: Victim of John Kirwin, Doug McGuire & Judge Albrecht

I first met Orlando Lindgren in St. Cloud Reformatory in 1999. I was out on the Flag (Recess from 23 hours in cell for 1 hour) calling my Dad with the latest on my wrongful conviction and my journey into our State's prison system as an innocent man, victimized by the likes of Beth Roberts, Stu Shapiro, Francis J. Connolly, Brent Sizer and other sick, sadistic predators along the way.

Seeing Orlando for the first time, I was struck me with compassion and sympathy when I saw his deformed little body in his wheel chair, eyes cross eyed so bad he could barely see the numbers let alone dial them but dial them he did. In an astouding feat of human courage, Orlando Lindgren had lifted his broken body out of his wheel chair to call his mom, and I  couldn't help but overhear Orlando telling his Mom not to worry about him, that he was safe, and that no one would try to harm him because he was so weak and vulnerable.

I still hear him today as clearly as I did 15 years ago telling his Mom, "Dddddddddont Cccccry, Mom. Iiiiiiiiill bbbbbbbbeeee ooooo kkkkk." This little man in a broken's boy's body with a heart as big as the massive yard I would later push Orlando's  chair around after I asked him after we finished our calls if he was safe in here and he told me no, he was terrified, didn't know a soul but didn't want his mom to be scared and worry herself to death over him. He feared being locked away so long his Mom might die. I suggested we pray on it and we prayed his Mom would survive his incarceration.

I told him I would look out for him and see to it that no harm would come to him, and I kept my promise to him throughout our bits. I got the word out his first week he was "off limits" and the word stuck.

At Lino Lakes we would attend many Christian Services and Retreats together, along with another Brother in Christ, Brian Minks. The staff at Lino would marvel and laugh as Brian and I would shout at the top of our lungs across the yard and baseball field, "ORLANDO!!!" when he would be switching out for chow or going to and fro Health Services, his cottage called "Kellogg" etc.

Years later in 2006 I see him under the worst possible human circumstances: a bloodthirsty, crazed Governor named Tim Pawlenty, abusive State "leaders" carrying every retributive State Torch while the Witch Hunt rolled on unabated:

Orlando was very excited when he returned from court one day telling me that he had "Stipulated" per his attorney's advice Doug McGuire, Hennepin County Civil Commitment Coordinator. Orlando's attorney and the Court told this vulnerable adult that by agreeing to enter the MSOP VOLUNTARILY, via Stipulation, he would be agreeing to do "Treatment" for two years and then he would be released. That was my client, Mr. Lindgren's understanding upon returning to his Unit at Pexton 1 North the day he was tricked and cajoled into signing a life sentence of abuse and slow, torturous death at the hands of the most brutal enemy any Minnesotan ever faced in battle: The State of Minnesota.

Mr. Lindgren phoned me yesterday and told me plainly he never signed up for what the State has done to him: A deliberate, intentional moving target/chemelion of a "treatment" "Program" which is morphed into the latest "Treatment" fad just long enough until men navigate the State's McTreatment Habitrail. Orlando Lindgren told me to ask Doug McGuire to Petition him for Full Discharge NOW!

Mr. Lindgren is severely physically and developmentally disabled and the judge who committed him, the doctors. DA/AG, MSOP TEAM 60-Day "Review" person, Doug McGuire: SHAME ON ALL U!

Orlando Lindgren"s "Risk" is miniscule. He is a Level 1-Lite victim of the State of Minnesota.

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