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The MSOP...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rec. 7: Minnesota Ex-Offender Program (MEOP)

Minnesota and the DHS would be wise to repackage their broken, failed Program from a Model of  a "Sex Offender" Program to an Ex-Offender Program. The nomenclature change may seem an insignificant, unnecessary idea, but I assure you the truth could not be further.

Ask any credentialed Clinician/Therapist whether it is more likely a sexual offender will benefit from sex offender specific therapy/treatment being called and treated as a "sex offender" vs being called and treated an an "ex-offender" and I believe you will get a consensus that the latter is more effective.

DHS should make an announcement that the Minnesota Sex Offender Program is being renamed the Minnesota Ex-Offender Program (MEOP), and that providing therapy and treatment for the maladies the State maintains the Ex-Offender currently has in order to safely and successfully reintegrate the Ex-Offender back into the community ASAP is their Mission, which will promote Public Safety.

DHS should make a clear new Policy change stating that offering ADEQUATE, EFFECTIVE Therapy/Treatment in order to promote Public Safety is MEOP's "Highest Priority" with Safe, Successful Reintegration (SSR) being the MEOP's new mantra/battle cry. Remove "World Class".

I strongly urge removing Nancy Johnston as Executive Director for numerous reasons I've detailed throughout this blog, but whether DHS takes that necessary measure or not, this idea would boost morale in the extreme, and signal that real change is underway that will also be noted in Karsjens.

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