The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Legislative Nullification

The legislature is the body of people with the most responsibility for the Human Rights Tragedy playing out in Saint Peter and Moose Lake. The legislature foolishly passed the SDP Act out of illogical, emotional motivation, and this unconstitutional Act Has not been repealed since that time.

The Legislature has funded this abusive, sadistic government program unabated since the beginning. No matter how much evidence is presented to the House and Senate that MSOP is systemically broken, unconstitutional, and a human rights violation, these people fund this 70+Million waste.

 The legislature has refused to call a Moratorium on sex civil commitments in this State even after the Legislative Auditor put it in black and white for them: SDP/SPP COMMITMENTS IN MN ARE ARBITRARY AND CAPRICIOUS. MEN WHO WOULD BE LEVEL 1-LITE, like Brad Stevens, had they had the fortune to come from HENNEPIN OR RAMSEY COUNTIES, but are LEVEL 3 + CIVIL COMMITMENT MATERIAL IN SMALL TOWN MN, WHERE LORI SWANSON's DEDICATED ATTORNEY's GENERAL "SUPPORT" them per Matthew Frank of the AGO. Angela Helseth Kiese appears to have 100's of victims under her belt, possibly more than even Dr. Death himself, John Kirwin of Hennepin County, whose obsession with committing people has been his life's work and the legacy he will leave on this earth: Here lies JK: He committed his life to committing people to a place where they were subjected to electric shock "therapy", and numerous other forms of torture administered by sick, sadistic criminals like "Dr." Robert S. Bauer.

Robert S. Bauer: a demented, recidivistic sex offender who has no image on the Internet, and who provides no warning to the men coming into the MSOP as alleged sex offenders, only to be greeted by Bauer, a real sex offender ready to molest you via genital "exam" that will be unlike any physical exam down there you have ever previously experienced in the community or even in every jail and prison lockup in this State.

MSOP's Mad Hatter, Robert S. Bauer's genital exam is something special all right, and after this guy physically and sexually assaulted me during my "exam" I later learned was prohibited under State Law and MSOP POLICY AND PROCEDURE, Dr. Bauer aggressively demanded I allow him to conduct a "Prostate Exam" in which he attempted to coerce me into submitting to his desired, planned digital anal/rectal assault of his vulnerable little "patient" he thought he was dealing with on June 15, 2006.

I may be the only known victim of MSOP MAD HATTER's desired, planned digital anal/rectal assault to have escaped that fate by having the courage to stand up to this cruel, manipulative bully on his home turf--MSOP-Saint Peter.

This Proposed Patient turned the examination around in a hurry (by demanding my entitlement to counsel present via speakerphone to document Doc Bauer's determined, extremely coercive and very forceful attempts to gain my compliance--classic grooming techniques) to Bauer's utter disbelief and visible dismay. He was enraged that even in a controlled environment, due to myriad cognitive distortions and gross thinking errors, he had lost control of his victim--textbook signs of sadism and extreme psychopathy--my first day of 400 I was forced to spend in violation of my civil liberties, constitutional rights and against my will in the MSOP--the worst of the worse of the state prisons.

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