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The MSOP...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Judicial Nullification

Judges in Minnesota have violated the constitutional rights of alleged sex offenders for over two decades and my legal team and I are planning to hold all of them we are able to identify legally accountable. The actions/behavior/conduct of the cumulative Minnesota State Courts and the Federal Court: District of Minnesota has amounted to illegal, unconstitutional Judicial Nullification of alleged Sex Offenders in our State.

I used the term "alleged" sex offenders even in the context of convicted sex offenders as I learned the hard way that in Minnesota, any false sex allegations are likely to result in conviction in a State that requires NO EVIDENCE for RAPE, CHILD MOLESTATION, EVEN AGGRAVATED RAPE...NO EVIDENCE OF ANY KIND! Look it up. I did from prison in 1999 trying to see how I could be a convicted sex offender despite my never having committed a single sex crime or "offense" in my life.

District Court judges throughout this State have sent men to the abyss of MSOP KNOWING it is not a legitimate treatment program, where you go to get treated and discharged once the course of treatment has taken effect--no, judges in MN knew in advance that they were condemning these men to a "life sentence" as a MN Distict Court recently described an MSOP commitment, in a Prison 4 Sex Offenders as the BCA calls the MSOP, abuse and punishment is the real "care and treatment" and "Completion is not the focus" of the State or the MSOP Administration per Ann LeValley-Wood.
Indeed, Judge Nelson on the Task Force condemned every one of the 8 men he had authority over--Geographical commitments that even the defense attorney on some of the files said were low/moderate risk inmates, and not remotely true SVP civil commitment criteria outside of MN.

I will give it the old college try here to publicly list these dispensers of injustice, cruelty and victimization. I will list District Court judges, appellate court judges, State Supreme Court judges and Federal Judges: District of Minnesota. We will also examine the SRB/SCAP process that has no full discharges despite the vast majority of MSOP "clients" never having met civil commitment criteria.

Men like Brad Ronald Stevens.

Post in Progress

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