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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Death of Static-99/St-99R

Based on what we now know, the Static-99 and it's progeny, the Static-99R shouldn't be used in Court. If you don't believe me, please see the professional paper below by one of my colleagues on SOCDA who practices in Florida. Bear in mind that despite the evidence being overwhelming that this instrument massively overestimates risks to feed the booming SVP business $ line the corrupt developers' greedy little pockets with cash and riches born or grief and state sanctioned murder, HCAO John Kirwin defends this instrument publicly in Task Force meetings, and even has the audacity to state that it UNDERESTIMATES RISK due to the issue of unreported offenses.

What John Kirwin conveniently fails and intentionally omits from his "analysis" that the ill-informed and misguided DHS-Controlled Task Force leans on as their go-to man for all things civil commitment is the irrefutable fact that any and all unreported real sex offenses are far outnumbered by false, unfounded sexual allegations, such as all the State has in my case in which these "victims" wanted to remove me from the picture as I was actively working to shut down their sex line: The Buddy System. Super Lawyer Fred Goetz ( never bothered to share that EVIDENCE with my jury at trial.

Despite the Chief Judge of the Minnesota Court of Appeals stating that "Highly likely" to reoffend should mean no less than 75%, Mr. Kirwin stated publicly at a Task Force meeting I have on audio that his interpretation as a prolific SDP/SPP prosecutor is "at least 50.1%", which at least partially explains his decisions to commit low, low-moderate, moderate, moderate-high, high, and the less than a dozen actual SVP-Level Risk individuals he has doomed to suffer a slow, torturous death under the transparent guise of McTreatment.

Please see the attached paper by Dr. Dean Cauley eulogizing this horrible instrument that massively inflated risk estimates which contributed, along with the corrupt "experts", "Minister's of Justice"/Persecutors, and judges all too eager to sentence men to a slow, cruel death called "Treatment", to the Unconstitutional Human Rights Violation/McTreatment Concentration Camps:

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