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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cedrick Scott Ince: Precedent Setting

Despite the fact that Cedric Ince has temporarily been illegally and unconstitutionally committed as a "client" for "Care and Treatment" (MSOP euphemisms for Abuse and Torture) and "World Class" "Treatment" in the State's  $75$ MILLION Deliberate McTreatment Habitrail, this is the most important appellate decision in the to-date illegal and unconstitutional SDP/SPP case law in MN.

I profiled this kid in a prior blog post:

This Dissent by Judge Stauber is a Watershed Moment in SDP Law in Minnesota and will hopefully spur the Supreme Court to finally strike down these sex commitment laws as Punitive, Violative of Double Jeopardy, Ex Post Facto, Equal Protection, Cruel and Unusual Punishment, etc.

Judge Stauber joins Kevin Burke, Esther Tomjanivich (sp?), Alan Page and the very few select judges in Minnesota who have applied the true law and constitution in these cases--not the vigilante, Witch Hunt Injustice that will never stand the test of history, although it will undoubtedly add to the State's "Sex Offender" Murder Toll as more clients reintegrate into society via a Final Transport from Tim Pawlenty and the other CRIMINALS' FINAL SOLUTION TO THE "SEX OFFENDER" PROBLEM, TO A REAL HOSPITAL FOR A FINAL FAMILY VISIT IN THE MORGUE.

Here is the link to this critically important case in which one Judge of three on the Minnesota Court of Appeals dispensed JUSTICE--In a very long overdue important and extremely courageous lambasting of the Minnesota Sex Offender "Program".

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