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Saturday, January 5, 2013

RIP Larry Oakes, Thank You & GOD BLESS!

I learned via Twitter this morning on a Tweet from Brandon Stahl the shocking and tremendously sad news that Larry Oakes has died. I never met Mr. Oakes, but I have long admired him for having the courage to ask the unpopular questions and look to all sides and perspectives of a story--even if it meant talking to the so-called "Worst of the worst" sex offenders that Governor Tim Pawlenty publicly dehumanized for 4 years.

Larry Oakes' courageous and precedent setting story about the MSOP entitled Locked In Limbo stands for all time as one of the great journalistic expose's in modern times.

Partial Locked In Limbo Docs:

The details emerging are making me very sad, upset and angry as it seems the very mental health beds that Larry was trying to open at the MSH in St. Peter and Moose Lake were what he & many really need(ed). A tragic irony that Larry Oakes didn't receive the help he needed for his real mental health issues, and this was the first journalist in our State who had the balls to tell the world about the MSOP, which houses non-mentally ill men in a maximum security in-patient psychaiatric HosPrison.

I exchanged a few voice mails with Mr. Oakes over the past few months as I attempted to get contact information for HosPrisoners family members from him for financial help to sue MSOP/DHS (due to our CORRUPT, MONEY DRIVEN Criminal Injustice System you need to be pretty wealthy to even effectively bring a lawsuit in this system that protects the biggest PREDATOR that there is: the Criminal Justice System in the US, which feeds itself on & preys on ALL of our society's most vulnerable, whether minorities, the impoverished and most of all it effects the people in our communities with real mental health issues like Larry Dame, and Larry Oakes.

I saw this rotten system from the inside out for 10 years. What a sickening but nevertheless fascinating journey into Minnesota's garbage dump for the mentally ill. I cleaned out the feces filled toliet of a mentally ill prisoner in the Hennepin County Jail after the deputies turned off his water so he couldn't flush his toliet for over a week. They wouldn't clean the man's cell and his mental illness made it impossible for him, so this falsely state labeled psychopathic criminal did it for the deputies who opened his cell from the bubble and laughed at me while I cleaned and sanitized his cell so they would turn this human being's water back on.

The Hennepin County Jail is a disgusting, filthy cesspool of corruption and violence inflicted upon pre-trial detainees by abusive guards who are prevelant in every walk of our criminal justice system, from cops, to prosecutors to bully judges. This system is out of control and it needs to change.

The Minnesota "Innocence Project" I created from behind bars as a false state label is an absolute sham! There are by conservative estimates 3% of of our 10,000+ inmates who are absolutely actually and factually innocent, and this sham Organization has found 1 or 2 in a decade! They lie and publicly state their incompetence reflects a system that gets it right. That is B.S. and they all need to step down and people who are not controlled by law enforcement and prosecutors need to take over my Organization! Just Google Katie Couric and watch the Michael Morton recent episode. I'm Michael Morton, and Michael Morton is me. Trust me!

I hold MSOP accountable to a degree for this tragedy.

What is it going to take for the Legislature to legislate away the MSOP so that people like Larry Dame and Larry Oakes can receive adequate mental health assistance? 73M per year.

Larry Oakes' tragic suicide is just one more tragedy I contend that MSOP is directly responsible for. Because of this criminal, failed Program with Timothy Pawlenty and others playing GOD (by hijacking our Mental Health System  when these people were too arrogant and foolish to implement GPS Tracking instead of implenting the Witch Hunt that is civil commitment for the "Politically Ill"), it has led to men like Larry Dame, Larry Oakes and thousands of other people in our state being failed by the Mental Health System and paying the ultimate price with their lives for your Precious Politics. I thank God I don't pander to politics or fear & trust not in man but in my Lord Jesus!

RIP Mr. Oakes, and thank you for helping change the situation in the MSOP to help men. God Bless

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  1. OMG!!This is very sad news indeed.