The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Checkmate...Game, Set & Match

MSOP has been on Life Support for some time now and everyone in the know has known that fact. I believe Heather Carlson of the Rochester Post-Bulletin inadvertently stumbled on the Holy Grail of questions the State has faced since the State began flagrantly violating the Constitutional Rights (and REAL LAW) of MSOP HosPrisoners in 1993, the question has been:

WHAT DO WE DO WITH THE TINY SUBSET OF HosPrisoners, who are Mentally Ill and Dangerous, whether sexually dangerous, physically/homicidally dangerous.

The Path out is clear: Real Expertise, Real Leadership. Re-Evals on all with easy initial trimming Fake Vs Real. I know exactly how to go from 700 to about 300 in about a half hour! Lol I've conducted more Forensic Interviews with SVP committees and respondents that any "expert" in the nation. I've evaluated over 200 men within the confines of the MSOP in great detail.

300 gets a closer look, like NY, and 300 turns to 150 or so with real evaluators you will pay top $.

Worth every penny on back end as YOU WANT THE REAL BAD ACTORS, NOT THE FAKES!

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