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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Damning Essay

Standing Tall by Stooping

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Illustration by Ryan Miller.
January 04, 2013

My brother Dean has a pretty thankless job. He’s the director of the Minnesota Sex Offender Program. Even saying that makes most people feel a little squeamish. It would be nicer to think that in the land of placid lakes, loons, and Norwegians, there wouldn’t also be sex offenders. Don’t we all hate certain realities? Dean spends his week away from home, dividing his time between a facility in Moose Lake and another in St. Peter. It’s grim work, but he gets his kudos from knowing he’s encouraging the ranks of staffers who work day in and day out with individuals who will never be rehabilitated but who are kept away from our children, our friends, and our neighbors. (Emphasis added but text identical)

Jane Mooney Olson is a Minnesota native who taught language arts to Illinois and Colorado middle school students for forty-one years. She and her husband Arne have enjoyed vacationing in Door County for many years. They currently make their home in Boulder, Colorado, where they enjoy skiing and watercolor painting. The writing submitted is totally factual and was written to honor her brother, Dean Mooney, for his dedicated care of their mother, Carol Mooney, who passed away at age 96. (Emphasis added)

Additional, damning, factual evidence that the Government is on record, via Dean Mooney's sister, as clearly stating that Ex-MSOP Director Dean Mooney gets his kicks administering a Punitive Preventive Detention scheme, knowing he's working with MSOP clinicians and staff members on men "who will never be rehabilitated but who are kept away from our children, our friends, and our neighbors."  The MSOPrison.

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