The MSOP...

The MSOP...

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Whistleblower Andrew Babcock: Courage Under Fire

When Ex-"Security Counselor" Andrew Babcock courageously offered the following Affidavit/Testimony that was accepted in a MN Court, The State's response should have been to immediately declare an Injunction/ Moratorium against any additional commitments, and there should've been legislative hearings into the MSOP.

I publicly appauld Mr. Babcock for his candor and courage in coming forward years ago with inside information that from the inception, the concept of "treatment" has been a deliberate, false facade put forth by DHS and the MSOP, and Punitive Preventive Detention is what MSOP's Mission has been:

I'm hopeful and confident going forward that Mr. Babcock will want to fully testify before the Legislature this upcoming Session. I predict here that several ex-MSOP staff members will echo Babcock soon.

That testimony would be very helpful in their deciding whether to bring legislation this Session to shut down the MSOP in the best interests of the State, as the evidence is very clear and volumnious that Public Safety is being severely compromised by this failed "Program".

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