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The MSOP...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Public Safety Crisis in MN: More Evidence

Here is the link to an excellent, in-depth look at more evidence that Hennepin County's Mental Health Policies have resulted in a dangerous mental health issues for the community, and Public Safety is being comprimised due to this incompetence that is being tolerated by Minnesota citizens.

Just go to the MN DOC website and click on Level 3 sex offenders in Minneapolis alone. There are numerous sex offenders on the streets of Minnesota (literally...listed as "Homeless") whose offense histories include offenses against children, offenses against strangers, use of weapons to gain compliance, multiple, violent criminal sexual conduct convictions, and yet they are out on the streets.

While this dangerous subset of sex offenders are roaming our communities, there are literally hundreds of low risk, and moderate risk sex offenders within the secret confines of the MSOP. Just look anywhere online, or anywhere in the world for that matter of the names of all 672 men in MSOP. More than 50 men in MSOP have no sex-related convictions if my info is accurate.

These men are not the "Level 3 Plus" that Olmsted County Attorney Mark Ostrem publicly commented about. The idea that the average man in the MSOP presents "Level 3 Plus" risk is absurd, and is indicative of either 1) Mr. Ostrem is woefully misinformed about the real MSOP populations, or 2) Mr. Ostrem is continuing to fan the flames of public hype and misinformation re MSOP.

Consider Dennis Benson's continual references to the so-called "worst of the worst". Well, the public now knows what I've known since at least 2004, and that is that this perception is patently false, and designed to cover up the incompetence of the state's risk assessors, and give the public a false sense of security. Mr. Benson made false representations to the Minnesota Legislature, and one is those was outrageous. Mr. Benson testified that the average "patient" in the MSOP has 16 victims. That is false.

I publicly challenge the Minnesota Department of Human Services to provide that data to the public. It is a lie. The average HosPrison in the MSOP currently has no more than 2 criminal sexual conduct victims (whose allegations were EVER proven in any courtroom beyond a reasonable doubt) and while that is 2 victims too many from my viewpoint, it is illustrative of the public con job perpetrated by DHS/MSOP officials for many years now. It's time we as a state demand changes in this broken system. I am advocating for a system in which the most dangerous are accurately identified, and I have the contacts, the experience and the knowledge to implement this system if I had the cooperation of the neccessary people and if everone would supplant their egos for Public Safety. Their way is not working.

Bear in mind also that here in MN, a sexual assault (RAPE) conviction can be (and was in my case) obtained based solely on the word of the "victim", and there is no requirement of a constitutional nicety like real evidence to support the uncorrobated allegations of the accuser. I will blog about this seperately, and how there is increasing evidence these laws lead to innocent men being falsely labeled rapist, sex offender, predator, etc. and how the lying accusers are deemed "victims", thus robbing and raping true sexual assault victims of much needed resources.

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