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Thursday, December 27, 2012

CA SVP Reversed Due to Prosecutorial Misconduct

My last post touched on the illegal, unethical behavior/conduct of Hennepin County Assistant D.A. Stuart Shapiro in my criminal case in 1998-99. For more info about my wrongful rape conviction from Hennepin County in 1999, please see my blog:

I found an article in which conduct like Stu Shapiro's was exposed and remedied in an SVP case:

Here's a link to Forensic Psychologist Karen Franklin's blog post:

Prosecutor accused of 'pervasive misconduct'

The Associated Press

SAN JOSE, Calif. --
A state appeals court has reversed a jury's decision to commit a sexually violent predator to a state mental hospital, saying a San Jose prosecutor engaged in serious misconduct.
The San Jose Mercury News reported ( that the opinion published Thursday claimed Santa Clara County Chief Assistant District Attorney Jay Boyarsky asked improper questions and made improper arguments during the civil trial to commit the man.
Defendant Dariel Shazier pleaded guilty in 1994 to sodomy with a minor under 14, and other charges.

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