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The MSOP...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

DHS/MSOP: Where is the C-Mail? Email for "Clients"

Why don't MSOP "clients" have C-Mail since the MN DOC regular prisoners have had "O-Mail"--Offender email, since July 3, 2012? John King of the DOC implemented incoming only email so family, friends, etc. can email their loved ones. Check it out of the DOC site.

Since the DOC took over the MSOP during my tenure at the MSOP, it goes directly to the very heart of the nature and purpose of the program. If the nature and purpose for these detentions is treatment and reintegration, which I allege is an absolute false facade, then MSOP would have implemented email for their clients prior to, or at least at the same time. Since ex-DOC run MSOP, why wasn't there a dual roll out? Because that would not be consistent with the Failed War on Sex Offenders.

The usual runaround I have gotten from both MSOP and DHS on this very central issue to the allegation I am making that MSOP is punitive preventive detention makes it clear that while our State leaders allow the criminally convicted killers and sex offenders can receive emails, they deny the "civilly" committed 18 year-old kid in MSOP can't get an email from his mom or little sister. Barbaric. Illegal. Unconstitutional. Draconian. This must change. I'm asking the legislature to fix this.

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  1. You said it all. I couldn't agree more.