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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Adventures of Johnny Northside aka John Willard Hoff aka Johnny Northside

If you have been abused by John Willard Hoff, please...
make report at:

Here are links to sites documenting Hoff's demented and dangerous behavior:

Now the woeful tale of the MSOP takes an interesting turn: John Williard Hoff, aka "Johnny Northside" has entered the fray of the MSOP world and has prominently featured me (again...yawn) on his Cyber Bully Blog as someone who is "crazy", "sick" and a "Sexually Violent Predator". False, slander, defamation. Apparently "Johnny Northside" learns nothing from his past.

John Hoff is a Domestic Abuser, and a man who had to be dragged into court for child support.
His female roommate who filed, and was granted an Order for Protection from Hoff, stated that John Williard Hoff "...has left bruises on his son." Emancipation an option for Alex soon.

I cordially invite you to ask yourself this question: Is John Hoff (a Domestic Abuser) the best Self-Appointed Avenger against the Sex Offenders? Or, is Hoff protesting too much about the Sex Offenders, if you get my drift. Usually the loudest voices against something are generated by the worst offenders of the very thing these depraved predators are ranting and raving about.

I can tell you from experience that Hoff looks more severely disordered than any SO I ever met.

Speaking of ranting and raving John, what in the name of God and all things Holy is your OBSESSION with attorney Jill Clark? Do you have some deep-seated Oedipus Complex happening involving Ms. Clark wherein you find yourself compelled (albeit an alcohol and/or drug fueled compulsion) to devote yourself Mind, Body and Soul to the Mental, Physical and/or Emotional destruction of another human being?

Is Jill's so-called "frivilous" advocacy of clients of her choice for her own business in this Good Ol US of A (her Constitutional Right) so offoul of your sense of morality that that entitles you (in your delusional, hateful little mind/world) to abuse (verbally, in writing), psychologically abuse, belittle, degrade, harass, intimidate and threaten Ms. Clark? Shame on you. Yellow Journalism, John.

If you have been abused by John Williard Hoff, please make report at: 


John, you claim concern over these men's potential release/"discharge" from MSOP. Why don't you grow up, stop disparaging people and join the discussion as to what are the best viable solutions for real problems, John. Not your up-to-now, self-glorifying little excursions into somewhere you are not a Native, and almost without exception unwanted: North Minneapolis.

As you continue to ascend into your self-made hell (and you attempt to do the "mental push up" at everyone else's expense) your psychopathy, your total lack of any victim empathy (Hallmark of a Domestic Abuser) for a Real Victim as in your case (or a fabricated and Beth Roberts Coached "victim" as in my case) is most readily demonstated by your CALLOUS AND ABUSIVE decision to PUBLICLY PUBLISH A "cached" web page (NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE ON MY BLOG) with the full names of the State's alleged minor victims in my criminal case, WHOSE FALSE ALLEGATIONS AGAINST ME WERE NOT EVER PROVEN BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, NOR DID EITHER OF THEM EVER RESULT IN ANOTHER WRONGFUL CONVICTION.

You also attempt to turn the "System" against me by alleging I am bashing all police, all prosecutors and all judges. The truth could not be more remote. I am challenging the actions of 3 specific police officers specific to my case--not all police, at least one prosecutor, and several judges. I have that Right John. It's called the First Amendment. Specifically, Right to caustically criticize government.

I hope they sue you. I really do. I know that no one will dare sue me if there is any possibility I will end up back in court again to face my false accusers, dirty cop(s) and corrupt prosecutor/judge know that my blinders are off. I really would relish that opportunity. You are vulnerable to lawsuits John.

These false allegations are being mentioned in Law Journals from coast to coast in the context of False Testimony/Wrongful Conviction.

Evenstad v Carlson. Google it.

THE STATE'S WRONGFUL CONVICTION VICTIM WAS AND IS AN ADULT AND THERE WAS NEVER ANY NECCESSITY TO HIDE HER IDENTITY. SHE MADE A VERY GROWN UP ACCUSATION, AND THAT ACCUSATION IS CURRENTLY UNDER ACTIVE INVESTIGATION TO DISPROVE IT ONCE AND FOR ALL.  I could see that I had had only a few views after I changed from initials to names, and then even I thought better of that and decided to revert back to intials until my conviction IS REVERSED. I had concerns re the feelings and perspectives of these people, even if I did not agree with their to-date stated/statement/testimony perspectives. I still had empathy and sensitivity for their privacy while I continue to search for  TRUTH and JUSTICE in my case.

As for you, John Hoff, your favorite TARGETS for your abuse and bullying have been:

1) Women, in particular Jill Clark and Nicole Y., who you also seem obsessed with;

2) Convicted Sex Offenders: Look in the Mirror, John. You look like the MSOP SPP Poster Boy;

3) Prostitutes/"Whores" (Whatever abusive term you use for these VICTIMS): Women



Because you are the predatory threat to females, not me. I never was and never will be. You see John, at the end of the day the State has not iota of EVIDENCE beyond false words that I ever committed any sex crime/offense/violation etc. The TRUTH will come out John, God Willing.

Thanks John, and...Buh Bye

I'm focusing on real issues which affect real people. Good luck with your Cyber Bully Blog.

My prayers are with you. You honestly are sicker than the MSOP's Sex Offenders. At least some of them have some reasons for their behavior, like being sexually abused as young children themselves.

Below is an article about Hoff from 2010. Compare this terrified victim's testimony via her Order for Protection/Restraining Order against this volitionally impaired, abusive, bullying, controlling, intimidating, threatening woman-hating psychopath's version on his blog featuring me.

Hoff calls his Domestic Abuse & Victimization a "non-legal" event on his sick Blog. Zero Empathy.

New Sheriff In Town Helps Media Turn A Zero Into A Hero


It seems that the would-be do-gooder is the last one who should be casting aspersions. In fact, it seems he might be just as vile as the people he tries to expunge from his North Minneapolis neighborhood.

With the help of several local reporters, he and few of his faithful followers claim to be on a mission to revitalize the Northside. Their new sheriff John Hoff has given them a platform to voice their concerns, which on the surface is not a bad thing. Many neighborhoods have forums or blogs or informal chats that keep residents abreast of happenings, crime alerts, give-aways, etc. None that I've seen have slid into such nastiness as what the City Pages recently dubbed Best Local Blog-2010. Here's how they describe The Adventures of Johnny Northside:

If you're a sex offender who lives in north Minneapolis, Johnny Northside is on to you. If you're a slumlord who owns properties there, Johnny will track your every move. Same goes for drug dealers, shoddy storefront renovators, and proprietors of crime-ridden strip malls. The old "Neighborhood Watch" signs that went up a few decades back might as well have stickers with the Adventures of Johnny Northside's URL pasted over them, because John Hoff's single-minded dedication to shedding light on NoMi blight is matched only by his irreverence for the people causing it. (One memorable headline: "Whorehouse Mattresses Hit the Dumpster at 2700 Morgan Ave. N.") Part police blotter, part political gossip sheet, and part community bulletin, Johnny's blog is widely read among community members and Minneapolis cops alike. And while it's been a lightning rod for controversy—its targets have a habit of trying to get his site pulled off Blogspot—it's also beaten many other publications to the punch in unearthing crimes and clarifying the details that traditional journalism doesn't always follow up on.

Three cheers for City Pages for letting him and them off the hook so easily. Perhaps in their quest for the best they might have done a bit of checking into their hero of the moment.

I'd also like to know more about the contest rules, the URL's of those that lost and the names of the judges and their dubious qualifications. Admittedly his writing style is ballsy and in your face. But when you factor a grievance that was filed against Dakota Student Editor-in-Chief Shawna Widdel, in the naming of rape victim in Hoff's Just Whom Are We To Believe About That Night, the enormous balls seem to come attached to a pea sized brain.

The rape victim had "agreed to tell her story to the UND paper if two conditions were met. First was that the column was designed to raise awareness of the problem of drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB. The second condition was that her name would never be mentioned in the column." The UND student said she had been drugged at a fraternity Halloween party in 2003, and according to the former Editor-in-Chief, it was Hoff who slipped the victim's name into the article after the "final" draft of the article had been approved. Widdel confirmed for us that the John Hoff of Northside fame is in deed our one and only Johnny Northside. That's one face she's not likely to forget since that lapse in judgment has plagued her ever since.

The mutual settlement for the Newspaper and the reprimand:

The article in question: (note: the article has been updated from the original published version. The victim’s name has been changed to “Mary” from Hoff's original print article in an attempt to conceal her identity from the public).

Not surprisingly Sheriff Hoff in his one year stint at the UND paper penned Stretch the rules and make a real difference, where he clued-in fellow student voters "who still have rooms at Mommy and Daddy's place have a choice to vote where it might actually count. In Minnesota. It's slightly shady, sure, but probably quite legal if you only vote once."

He claimed he was merely quoting an old army drill sergeant who used to say, "If you aren't cheating, you aren't really trying." I wonder if that one's in the army field manual.

When the totals are totaled, when the first draft of history is written in the hot ink of the Star-Tribune, it may very well be Minnesota that tips the election, and it might very well be a secret reserve of twenty-something Minnesotans attending UND, NDSU, Mayville, and all the other excess colleges within walking distance of each North Dakotan, who could tip the electoral balance in Minnesota and, thus, the nation. God speed you into the pages of history. Check your oil and tire pressure.

Wow! He's just so rad! How could you not like a guy that encourages much younger college students to vote illegally and then justifies the end by the means? Perhaps that’s one of the blogger's qualities that the City Pages found endearing. I wonder if that’s the instruction their parents sent them to college to get.

It would be disingenuous to characterize this flawed hero as someone without a redeeming quality. Admittedly, we ran a short piece written by Hoff a couple of years ago. We found it genuinely humorous.

Not as funny as his Dakota Student plea and subsequent campaign to resurrect Springfest at UND. As a guest columnist, he waxed nostalgic for a festival that was abruptly ended after nearly 100 years because of good fun gone bad. Oops! It had to happen eventually. This is Hoff's final crescendo from GUEST COLUMN: Read the history: Springfest is the 'primal rite of spring':

Those who came before you at this, your beloved alma mater, have carved out a right for you, a right that must be defended and passed on intact to those who will come after us. Like Dionysus himself, each cycle we must find the scattered pieces of his body and breathe life into him, for he has been declared dead.

Springfest is the right of a young person to stand around with his or her friends, and pour a drink upon the ground with seeming purposelessness; and ponder the mystery of existence and wonder where everything is going in this mad, mad world. That is the spirit of Springfest, and it is as old as the beer of Babylon. To mess with that is to mess with the primal power of the universe.

What a way with words. Did I mention that in 2002 he was a 36-year-old law school senator at UND? This legal eagle wannabe got all Greek and Babylonian in that silver-tongued summation. Can you imagine him in a courtroom? It just sends shivers up and down, doesn't it?

His stint at the Dakota Student wasn’t without glory. With the help of Traffic Officer Gregory Schlemmer, a cooperative whistle blower, and a few of his former fellow coworkers, Hoff exposed the high-pressure quota for UND parking enforcement officers, that parking officers were given the class schedules of students who were designated "frequent violators", that tickets were falsified, and that Traffic Office Administrative Assistant Sherry Kapella appeared to be the woman behind the scandal. In spite of Hoff’s journalistic efforts, Kapella managed to celebrate fifteen consecutive years of service at UND back in 2007. Better luck next time John!

Another detail City Pages chose to ignore in their decision making process was the restraining order filed in January of 2010 by Hoff’s previous female roommate. Unlike the Sheriff, we intend to honor her request for anonymity. According to her, she's been in hiding since moving out of his house and I will not endanger her safety (edited for length):

I am the Petitioner in this case. The victim of the harassment is me.
Respondent made threats to the victim as follows:
· Creates new lease agreement demanding more money
· Demands $86.28 when I say ‘no’ and the harassment needs to stop he exploded into my room threatening that he will enter every hour. I am afraid for my safety.
· Demands $40 above rent
· Various dates for past several month every demand for money and non-compliance with always changing house rules are accompanied with the threat of eviction.
· I never know when he will evict me, or if the locks will be changed when I get off work, or if he will steal my belongings.
· When John explodes into my room threatening my personal safety and that he will continue to do so every hour.

On continuous- He enters my room when I am not there and takes small ticket items on his whim. This has been going on for several months. John explodes into my room threatening me that he will do this every hour.

More than once:
· On various-he will go through my closet and empty pill bottles, take personal hygiene items, food, office supplies, etc.
· He screams at me when he and his girlfriend are fighting. Whenever he has stress he exploded at me for some very minor detail. Currently his anger has been escalated and he lacks self-control. He has left bruises on his son.
Describe the effect the harassment has upon the victims safety, security or privacy:
· My stress is greatly escalated. I do not feel physically safe, cannot sleep, I am considerably more tired. My stomach is always queasy. This issue is distracting me from my other personal issues. I am not secure about with my living arrangements and John violates my privacy on his whim.
Do you believe harassment will continue and why?
· Yes, because it is escalating in severity. He is very, very desperate for money.

According to my source, City Pages was provided with a copy of the restraining order well in advance of their Best Blogger designation. He claims he’s certain because he’s the one who provided it to them too, (The full content of the signed order can be viewed below).

Apparently none of the publications that use his comments on various issues are bothered by a guy that found it necessary to trash the reputation of a 15-year-old murder victim.

Annshalike Hamilton--now widely known as the 15-year-old girl, 7 months pregnant, whose frozen body was found in a garage at 2222 4th St. N., killed by blunt force injury, had a rather interesting "on line" life...

They weren’t bothered by the lurid details that he revealed about the private lives of Annshalike and her family, none of which has led to an arrest in the case.

Writers and editors across the city have promoted the guy that used the following disclaimer when identifying the man he suspects of being Hamilton’s murderer:

Warning: All this information comes from unconfirmed, anonymous sources. Info in mass media such as the Star Tribune meets a higher journalistic standard. If this info turns out to be untrue--if Sammie Burch is IN NOW WAY CONNECTED with Annshalike Hamilton--I'll print corrections and retractions so as to not smear the good name of Sammie Burch.

Well...I mean the name of Sammie Burch.

I can’t grasp why professionals would quote Hoff as a credible source when he responded to his reader’s question, “Is this really anybody’s business,” after exposing the criminal record of a 26-year-old murder victim:

Unfortunately, yes. Do you have other things to say about his life and character?

How about this John… he’s dead! Why don’t you let the police you’re continually lauding do their job?

While I’m calling the media out, I question the integrity of the Metro magazine’s Senior Editor, Chuck Terhark, for dubbing John as a "community cowboy."

When John Hoff (pictured, left) bought his Hawthorne home in north Minneapolis, he knew he was moving into a rough neighborhood. Likely the hardest hit by the foreclosure crisis, Hawthorne also annually ranks among the city’s worst neighborhoods in terms of drugs, prostitution and violent crime. Bigger problems, sure. But he decided to do something about it.

Through their blogs, and through sheer desire to make their neighborhoods more livable, Kohler and Hoff have, in their own different ways, come to represent a trend: the Community Cowboy. Hoff boards up foreclosed houses on his own time and keeps an eye on slumlords in his community.

That would be an over simplification on the part of Terhark of what he's involved in. If that were all that the self-appointed law officer involved himself, it might not be so bad. But even in the Old West, vigilante justice frequently victimized the innocent.

When the microscope is focused on Cowboy John, it seems to me that he’s been guilty of slum lording. The slight of hand that is practiced and the swirling chaos, certainly does seem to take the focus off of him and his gal pal's foreclosed home deal.

How is the community served when those that are to be providing us information can't be bothered with scratching any deeper than the surface to expose the complete story?

Back in April of 2008, MinnPost contributor Brian Voerding went on a tour of Sheriff Hoff’s new neighborhood. The portrayal of him entitled Johnny Northside to the rescue -- with plywood, pixels, was that of a modest defender of good and crusader against evil. According to Voerding, Hoff likes the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants and philosophizes, “’I have an unpublished theory," John says. "Basically it says you should try to be as much like a cartoon as possible. Live in this world where it's fantastic and anything's possible, and every time something's not superb you get back up again.’

That might be a better explanation of why he’s lived in so many different places over the years than the one he offers about following his ex-wife and son.

Voerding goes on to describe Hoff’s twice daily mission:

He grunts and sweats as he pounds at the nail; whap, whap, whap, the hammer strikes, echoing like gunshots along the Corridor of Safety.

That's the name he has given to the stretch of North Sixth Street that runs from his house to the bus shelter on Lowry Avenue. The name, along with so much else in this neighborhood, is all dream and no reality at this point. That's why he's here... In late March, after four months of searching, he closed on a tiny two-story on North Sixth Street near Lowry Avenue for around $9,000. At least one contractor has told him the house is best off demolished, but Hoff doesn't care. Maybe he'll fix it, or maybe sell it for the lot and find another neighborhood house. Either way, he's in.

Sometime before that, he read somewhere that the city of Minneapolis was asking North Side residents to adopt houses. So after he bought his house, he figured the best way to adopt the others on his block was to secure them. He called the city about several properties, but when it didn't respond fast enough to his liking, he started boarding them himself... His blog (and presence) has already turned him into a neighborhood celebrity, though Hoff is the first to admit he shouldn't be getting any credit, let alone attention. Hundreds, thousands came before him — neighborhood groups, housing organizations, block-watch leaders, city leaders — and will continue after he's gone. They're the ones in position to enact sustainable change... But until that day arrives, he figures, they could always use a henchman, securing houses and empowering other residents to do the same.

It’s a sweet tale, with clear heroes and villains. If only life were so black and white.

MinnPost also suggests viewing three Hoff videos: The adventures of Johnny Northside: Defender of the Corridor of Safety: John Hoff, a.k.a. Johnny Northside, takes us on a tour of his Minneapolis neighborhood.

In June of last year Minnesota Independent decided to shed some one-sided light on Hoff’s legal battle with Jerry Moore, the former Director of Jordan Area Community Council (JACC). They chose Journalist Anna Pratt as an expert to weigh-in on the legal matter. She saw “parallels to DFL activist and political consultant Blois Olson’s 2007 suit against blogger-turned-Minnesota-GOP second-banana Michael Brodkorb,” and noted that the case was dismissed. Why a journalist and not a lawyer or legal expert you might ask? Why waste time looking for a lawyer when a journalist/blogger has so much to lose should the court rule against fellow journalist/blogger Hoff and such lawsuits become the norm?

In July of last year, the insipid Secrets of the City decided to began their “coverage” of Hoff’s legal battle by plugging his movie.

One reader commented, “I don’t think it does a service to any community to exaggerate how awful it is and make it sound like a total cesspool just to make your own boring “story” of having bought a fixer upper more movie worthy.

The only “secret” these guys reveal are that they’re too clueless or lazy to go out and find out what’s really going on in this city or that their attention span is only long enough to compose a paragraph or two summarizing the real labor of others.

I could never understand former MNSpeak Editor Max Sparber’s fascination with Hoff’s misadventures. I often wondered if Max awakened in the middle of the night, bathed in sweat having dreamt of a hot and steamy brush up against the Sheriff’s pistol. That could explain the continued coverage of Johnny’s prattle.

Now the MN Daily… there’s a paper with a long tradition. It gives new meaning to the expression “student work.” After Johnny’s ill-fated one-year run at the Dakota Student, someone actually thought it would be a good idea to let him write for the MN Daily. After all, how much trouble could he cause?

But other than the lawsuit that alleges the University let Moore go due to Hoff’s actions, why would the MN Daily feel its readers would be concerned with writer Robert Downs’ two-part series examining “the recent political history of the Jordan neighborhood in north Minneapolis”?

It’s as though admitting that the blogger John Hoff’s stint as a former Daily columnist washes away any taint of bias on their part. The mere fact that they chose to begin the article with, “The suit is the latest in a long line of legal issues for Jerry Moore,” but fails to elaborate on the “long line of legal issues”, smacks of a hit piece.

It’s as though Hoff and Michael K. Browne, both defendants in suits involving Moore directly and indirectly, are somehow credible. The writer chose to quote Hoff saying, “His hiring at the University in May infuriated members of north Minneapolis’ Jordan neighborhood because of a history of animosity between Moore and Jordan community members, stemming back to 2005.”

Really John? I’m curious. Would those be the same neighbors that elected him to begin with or the ones that ousted him by stacking the meeting?

The same writer quotes Michael K. Browne, “’Basically, there are two groups of people [at JACC]. One group, the new majority, has a vision for north Minneapolis sort of as a new Uptown,” Browne said. “The old majority is set on keeping things the same.’”

Wouldn’t that be lovely, an entire city just like Uptown? But where would the other 90% of the city’s population move to?

Downs goes one step further in Hoff’s defense, “Hoff’s attorney Albert Goins said he expects to win the case.”

What’s conspicuously absent from Downs’ piece is anything resembling Moore’s side of the story. He mentions, “Jill Clark, the attorney representing the old majority, is also representing Moore in his case against Hoff. Clark did not respond to e-mailed requests for comment.” Other than Clark, who did he contact for the other side of the story?

The whole thing has me wondering what’s being taught to journalism students at the U of M. This might explain the abysmal and one-sided news coverage here in the Twin Cities.

Back in March, MPR reporter Brandt Williams chose to quote Hoff in his coverage of MPD Chief Tim Dolan’s reappointment hearing.

Some of the people who spoke in favor of Dolan's reappointment are residents of north Minneapolis, which contains some of the city's most crime challenged neighborhoods. John Hoff, also known as blogger Johnny Northside, testified that Dolan is responsible for progress in the Hawthorne neighborhood.

"What I'm here to ask for is please give Dolan the tools and resources he's going to need to continue to be successful," Hoff said.

Hoff added that the cuts in the department have meant the loss of police administration staff which he and his neighbors rely on for information.

What he fails to mention is that much of the information that the blogger uses is confidential and championing Dolan is in Hoff’s best interest.

Loudly applauding public officials as heroes and champions of a cause has really paid off for Sheriff Hoff. Immediately following Chief Dolan’s public hearing, Mayor Rybak’s policy aide, Sherman Patterson helped him avoid being served with legal papers. Patterson smuggled him out the private doorway reserved for council members and staff.

In this entire media miasma, there was one bright spot. Star Tribune’s Matt McKinney calls an ace an ace and a spade a spade. In Blog boast: 'Great escape' at Mpls. City Hall An aide to Mayor R.T. Rybak denies helping a blogger duck a deputy trying to serve him a lawsuit, McKinney sets the record straight:

But that explanation doesn't fit what a Star Tribune reporter saw and heard before the pair left. Directly in front of the reporter in the crowded chamber, Hoff approached Patterson and spoke into his ear, with Hoff saying loudly enough for the reporter to hear that he was about to be served and needed a back way out. He asked Patterson to help him.

The video recording of the meeting shows Hoff with his arm around Patterson as they speak. Patterson's head inclines toward Hoff. Hoff gestures toward the rear door. When the meeting adjourns, Patterson and Hoff walk out that door together.

Privately, many Northsiders acknowledge Hoff's efforts, but worry about whether or not he goes too far. Recently City Pages chose to bolster his cause to eradicate his neighborhood of level 3 sex offenders.

While most people can sympathize with this cause, many question his methods. I’m left wondering why City Pages didn’t take a more objective view. Isn’t it gilding the lily to trash a level 3-sex offender?

Hoff seems to like to publicly endorse politicians including his choice for MPD chief. But if he holds their feet to the fire in changing the livability standard of the Northside, he seems to do so privately. Recently, he’s thrown his weight behind Rich Stanek. On his blog the title reads:

Not just because he’s a great Sheriff, but also because I love Irony…Johnny Northside Blog Endorse Richard Stanek for Sheriff!
… This is very experienced law enforcement official and he has lead the Hennepin County Sheriffs Office well. We need to return him in November 2010.

For all these reasons, Johnny Northside blog officially endorses Rich Stanek for sheriff. I might also add that... WORD ON THE STREET is Stanek's office has a very sensible policy about serving legal paperwork. Deputies will try a couple times, but then after that the paperwork gets tossed back to the court system. The plaintiff is left to find their own process server, which they will probably have to pay.

I must say, I think this is a sensible and fiscally prudent policy. Another good reason to vote for Rich Stanek! I hope to one day meet this man and shake his hand.

Best blogger in the Twin Cities! Could the guy be any more self-serving? I can’t wait to see if Stanek lists this endorsement on his campaign literature.

In a previous life, my editor ran a popular and successful Uptown business. Initially when the business was awarded the “Best of the Twin Cities”, he was really flattered. He was equally disappointed to find out that it was awarded solely for advertising dollars or the promise of them. The empty awards never brought anything to him but disgust after that realization.

In a bit of comic irony, in a video displayed on City Pages' Blogs page, Hoff can be heard uttering, "This is how tragedies begin, right here... it starts with good intentions."

For once, I’d have to agree with the Blogger Hoff. Like the empty award, so much of the elevated status bestowed upon local celebrities and heroes by the media might be well intended. Perhaps they realize how insipid so much of their work really is. What they might not grasp is the bigger picture. By promoting people like Tom Petter, Denny Hecker, Trevor Cook or even someone as relatively powerless and insignificant as John Hoff, with publicity and meaningless awards, the media sets up the public to be deceived.

Did these men wake up one morning and decide that they would make off with other people’s money? Would Hecker’s, Cook’s and Petter’s customers and investors have been so easily misled had the media done their job? I’ve read rationalizations for poor journalistic standards for decades. The excuses usually boil down to money.

According to the Drudge Report, Katie Couric:
…the highest paid TV news personality in history, commands over $14 million a year, plus bumps for non-EVENING NEWS appearances.
But her salary is now in the direct line of fire, network insiders explain, and a populist backlash against Couric’s cash is said to be forming inside the newsroom.
“She makes enough to pay 200 news reporters $75,000 a year!” demands a veteran producer. “It’s complete insanity.”

Back in my days at MS. Magazine, such outrageous salaries were unheard of and young journalists were dying to become reporters. Many, like Daniel Pearl, Don Bolles, Paul Klebnikov and Don Harris weren’t afraid to put their lives on the line, and they didn’t seem quite as anxious to make the news as to simply report it. Somewhere along the way that feeling has been lost and I don’t know that we’ll ever get it back again.

Journalists and readers alike lament the demise of the great newspapers. What they seem to overlook are the ones that, for whatever reason, remain successful. Is it possible that they’ve remained relevant to their readers?

There will always be hucksters and deceivers. The world is full of people who put their interests above all else. There’s no shortage of those who would callously release the name of a rape victim or use a public official to escape the legal process when it serves them.

The Fourth Estate refers directly to journalists. The term comes from the idea of the three estates of the Ancien Régime: the First Estate is the clergy, the Second the nobles and the Third the commoners. The Fourth Estate is responsible for advocating the needs of the other three estates, as well as framing issues so that each estate can understand them.

There is a quasi-mythical attribution of the term to Edmund Burke, which Jeffrey Archer summed up in his novel, The Fourth Estate :

In May 1789, Louis XVI summoned to Versailles a full meeting of the Estate General. The First Estate consisted of three hundred clergy. The Second Estate, three hundred nobles. The Third Estate, six hundred commoners. Some years later, after the French Revolution, Edmund Burke, looking up at the Press Gallery of the House of Commons, said, 'Yonder sits the Fourth Estate, and they are more important than them all.'

Order on Petition for Harassment Restraining Order against John Hoff

If you have been abused by John Williard Hoff, please make report:


Please email me at if you want to discuss the matter and/or represent me.


Thomas Evenstad

TEVEnterprises, LLC:

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