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The MSOP...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rec. 5: Use MCF-Lino Lakes for MSOP

Recommendation 5:

Use MCF-LL for the entire MSOP Population. Transfer the regular prisoners to the other Mediums (MCF-Faribault, MCF-Moose Lake) and elsewhere as appropriate/neccesary. Use the current MSOP treatment center in Moose Lake for either 1) More Max or Close Custody beds with or without treatment; 2) Expansion of MSOP-DOC Site; Regular SOTP (LL SO Tx Program) or Combination.

I spent years at MCF-Lino Lakes. I am somewhat of an expert on it. It has more extensive and higher quality sex offender specific treatment programming than any other DOC facility. It is ideally suited for the very diverse, and "challenging" populations within MSOP. Lino Lakes has everything from Segregation Unit(s) to Cottages outside of the Secure Perimeter that would be ideal for the expansion in the discharge process upcoming. If the MSOP population was transferred in total from both Camps/Compounds, here are what some of the advantages would be as I initially see it:

For DHS:

1) Immense cost savings by consolidating all "services" at one central metro location;
2) Clinical staffing issues resolved. Qualified clinicians can be attracted and retained;
3) Security staffing options improve with metro location--similarly to clinical issues;
4) Greatly improved health services delivery systems for DHS' MSOP "Clients";
5) Therapeutic setting for "Clients" as opposed to remote outposts. Easier visits improve morale;
6) Staff convenience as most MSOP administration are ex-DOC staffers/officials;
7) Better location for upcoming evals/reevals, and much-needing sorting out of strong v weak cases;

For DOC:

1) Expand DOC SO Tx services by adding treatment beds in the current MSOP-DHS building;

For MSH:

1) Open all beds at St Peter currently occupied with sex offenders for mentally ill people, and other at-risk populations who need them.

MCF-LL's population is roughly 1,200 if I recall correctly, and this detention center would allow for the entire MSOP population to be single-bunked, with their own cells/rooms, while this is sorted out.

Having the entire MSOP population at one central metro location would also allow for easier media access to "clients" to get their stories as this process continues and more importantly allow easy access for the Panel(s) of concerned citizens/advocates that should be meeting with HosPrisoners.

I'm certain there are many more advantages I am not thinking of, and many ideas others have to add.

I would like to hear from the experts and professionals at both the DOC and DHS what they think.

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