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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nov. 15 Meeting : Politics as Usual

I began the day by picking up my Dad at White Castle (his favorite "restaurant" ) and heading down to the State Office Building for Round 3 of the State's meetings to try to figure out what to do in the aftermath of the Witch Hunt while the human toll in this Constitutional Crisis rises daily.

 While I am not opposed to the detention of actually dangerous men who have the requisite mental illness under the law and constitution, I am vehemently opposed to Minnesota's response to the preventable Dru Sjodin tragedy, which I allege has been illegal, unconstitutional, and in violation of International Human Rights Standards. The world community is watching, especially the British and the Germans, who recently had a recent revision to their preventive detention scheme determined to be in violation of Human Rights.

The portion struck down mirrors MN's post-prison civil commitment:

Controversy over imposition after sentencing

The Sicherungsverwahrung is usually imposed in the original verdict, but can be imposed later under certain circumstances. This practice of subsequent incapacitation orders was ruled a violation of Art 7 of the European Convention on Human Rights by the European Court of Human Rights.[5] Subsequently a huge discussion in Germany over the handling of this verdict occurred. In reaction to this the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany issued a verdict on Sicherungsverwahrung in May 2011, deeming it unconstitutional.[6]

 No one except the family members of the HosPrisoners can imagine the toll in human terms this unnecessary Witch Hunt has cost. Family members of HosPrisoners have been beginning to show up at the meetings. That is very encouraging. HosPrisoner Lincoln Brown's family members were there as well as HosPrisoner Kevin Nelson's sister. There was another nice lady whose son, Mike Rygh was committed to MSOP in 2010. it looks like he has a very weak case. I will ask his Mom if she would like me to review his file. I allege that he would have been subject to numerous Procedural and Substantive Due Process violations along the way, thereby invalidating his commitment. I allege that all SDP commitments are invalid.

All 672 men within the armed, barbed-wire camps/compounds that is the MSOP have (or once had) a loved one who feels the same general plea relating to these laws gone too far under the false and illusory State Lie of Public Safety that this widow of a State-Labeled Sex Offender feels:

I will never be the False State-Label because the label(s) is/are false.
No one seems to care about the 1000's of innocent grandparents, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, sons daughters, etc that are devastated over these thinly veiled preventive detention schemes. Collateral Damage. Casualties of War. Morally Reprehensible. Our State Citizens will demand an about face.

Victim Representative Donna Dunn has had some excellent ideas voiced relating to the upside down triangle of resources that is this failed Program. I join her call for more victim resources, early intervention strategies/interventions, prevention, and treating the developmentally disabled and other vlnerable subpopulations caught in e black hole labyrinth of the secret MSOP world.  Judge Gearin is very knowledgeable as is Senator Warren Limmer, Roberta Opheim and others on the Task Force.
I have confidence the legislature will listen to the real experts in the US I publicly offer to put them in contact with. Same for the outstate doctors. It is clear to me that the legislators are the only hope. The stakeholders in this State I'm afraid will try to hold onto this illegal and unconstitutional commitment machine like grim death just like the State actors did in Washuington from 1993-2007.

That is exactly what I fear is coming--a long, protracted complex litigation between the State (AG's office and probably Mr. Kirwin as Special Appointed Counsel) against the Federal Court and its Special Master, which will cost untold millions above and beyond the more than 65 current HosPrisoner Lawsuits, let alone the wave coming if these laws aren't repealed and the State reverses course with regard to the many resources going to the few. This would be a futile battle for the State.

All in all I thought it was a robust discussion and there are several members of the Task Force well-versed with most, if not all of the issues, and some good discussion was had. There were courageous statements made on the record that politics, rather than reason, best practices, and/or empirical based decisions and strategies governed ex-Governor Tim Pawlenty and Company's failed War on Sex Offenders. The discussion was centered today around the draft that Chair Magnuson created from the submissions from TF members that the public can't see because they haven't posted them on their website. The draft can be viewed in the link below for the excellent coverage Mark Albert provided.

Great story from KSTP/ABC-TV's  Mark Albert and his cameraman on tonight's 10 pm news:



However, please allow me to begin my scathing critique of the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services, and of the leaders of the Task Force, and their appalling handling of my attempts to inform the members of the Task Force and the public about some of what I learned having been in the target sights with One Arrow In The Quiver aimed right at my heart for two years and having experienced every illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional violation you can humanly imagine.

Here is MSOP ex-staff member Andrew Babcock's testimony about this "Treatment" "Program":

Just LOOK at what MSOP HosPrisoner Krych (#162 Post Dru) experiences at Nancy Johnston and Lucinda Jesson's Therapy/Treatment Program:

Um, yeah...a Hospital. Treatment. Therapy. NOT Entrapment, Abuse, Neglect, Sadism, and more?:

All this in the SuperMax HosPrison that even the Minnesota BCA calls a "Prison 4 Sex Offenders":

Yeah, thanks a lot to our State and Federal Courts for going along with this charade for 20 years with Public Safety taking the biggest hit in this insane, punitive Witch Hunt Model MN is using, rather than turning the Resource Triangle upside down and getting the resources properly allocated in Early Prevention and Intervention Programs, Victim Resources, like counseling, rent, bills, etc. for the real sexual abuse/assault victims.

TAXPAYER MONIES SHOULD BE GOING TO VICTIMS, and not $300 per day for low, medium and high risk sex offenders who can be securely and effectively managed within other Incapacitation/Preventive Detention Models, like the Criminal system, Communal Custody, and the German approach Sicherungsverwahrung I will be researching later this evening.

My work never ends because I know that in addition to Chris being pushed to his limits by sadistic staff (that have no accountability--whether it is sex offender MSOP Program Director Gary Grimm, Nancy, anyone in MSOP/DHS chain-of-command, anyone in any "advocacy" program in the State, anyone on the state and/or federal benches) there are always other State-Labels being abused as well.

No one is allowed into MSOP and help these HosPrisoners, but I have sounded the SOS on their behalf with major media outlets all over the US and across the pond, where the Brits are shocked and appalled that we revolted from their control, yet they NEVER violated anyone's Human or Civil Rights the way the Minnesota Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches have violated the class of Human Being/Minnesota Citizen: State-Labeled Sex Offenders after the preventable Sjodin tragedy.

There is no help for the men illegally and unconstitutionally in Protective Isolation Units within MSOP. MSOP uses PI for staff convenience and routinely uses it as Punishment, as Nancy so elequently stated the term; "Punishment" is what MSOP uses. Still waiting on the audio from DHS!

It is crystal clear to me based on the evidence, the record, and the behavior that the Federal Court-Appointed leaders of this MN Sex Offender Civil Commitment Task have exhibited thus far, that they have constructively denied any/all attempts by me to verbally share any information beyond the possible 2 minutes I was allowed today to inform the Task Force of anything that I know. This conduct so totally underscores my points about the judges being complicit in this situation in general, about the State "stakeholders" absolutely needing SUPERVISION from unbiased, non-state actors of other states who have these laws, and in my opinion the DHS is controlling the TF leaders or the TF leaders are rolling with DHS in this obvious attempt to silence me. Troubling, but yet not unexpected.

I have been requesting both to the Commissioner directly and the Task Force directly since October 12, 2012 to be considered for an Appointment to the Task Force:

 or in the alternative be allowed to conduct a short presentation as the DHS/Task Force allowed:

  1. Nancy Johnston: Responsible for abuse during her tenure in leadership positions within the MSOP so horrific that it shocks the conscience of the modern community/society. I have deep evidence and deep HosPrisoner witnesses to prove my allegations against Ms. Johnston;
  2. William Donnay: The man responsible for the decision to release Rodriguez (without even the GPS this Falsely State-Labeled Rapist first proposed in January 2003 (months before Alfonso Rodriguez Jr's release) and the same GPS the State used on John Patrick Murphy in 1993 when they worried about "one of their own", and amazingly,  the same man responsible for hundreds of low, medium and high risk sex offenders being in State Psychiatric Hospitals desite A) Not being in need of psychiatric stabilization/hospitalization, even according to the state doctors, who are complicit in this Human Rights Abomination; B) Not remotely meeting sex offender civil commitment, as set forth by the US S Ct & Constitution; the same CORRECTIONS Dep't that doesn't warn sex offender's at the front of their sentence that a second, LIFE sentence is coming--no , "treatment" is not the State's purpose for committing is deterrence, incapacitation, retribution and most of all, the Minnesota Sex Offender Program that William Donnay has sentenced hundreds of men to death to by his Unit's "Referrals" (Death Sentences) is Punitive, Preventive Detention. Been there, done that.
  3. John Kirwin: Prosecuted more SDP cases than any single individual in the State.
All my attempts to sit at the cool kid's table ignored by Commissioner Jesson and Task Force Leaders. Worse yet the grandparents of HosPrisoner Tim Coon, Ken and Abby Dawkins were equally ignored and disrespected by these people on the other side of the Task Force's website email.

Look at the information in this blog and judge for yourself whether you believe any single TF member Appointed by Commissioner Lucinda Jesson knows more about the MSOP and the civil commitment of sex offenders in MN than I do. After all I was only forced to live it for two years.

When I was called for my 2 minutes today I was allowed to greet the TF, suggest two other Models besides MN's illegal and unconstitutional model: Germany and Communal Custody, suggest the building space Mr. Ostrem raised would be well suited for men with the most dire health issues since the Mayo Clinic is right there, Use MCF-LL as a "secure treatment center" or for PD population as there are varying security levels both physical, like fences and other.

This would solve the excuses of no clinicians because ML too remote. LL more suited for "clients" and ML SVP center better for criminals...use it as a SuperMax, then it was offer but not mandate treatment to Hold Orders so they could at least have the possibility of mitigation at "hearing" (soon to be jury trial w criminal proof standard if SO CC persists at all in MN).

As soon as I put my head down and began reading my prepared remarks, MY public testimony, Chair Eric Magnuson informed me my 2 minutes were up. Judicial Nullification of this "sex offender".

Here is my Public Testimony I was denied from being able to present "on the record" today:

HosPrisoner Kevin Nelson's sister informed the TF of her brother's victimization at the hands of the State, Donnay and Co and the rest of the Usual Suspects: "Doctors" Prosecutors, Judges.

I will post pictures later. What a juxtaposition to see Roberta Opheim vigorously advocate for the HosPrisoners, yet she would not help any of us under Nancy Johnston's Reign of Terror from 2006-2008.

More to come. Disgusted with the political appointment Jesson made. Mr. Harrington wasn't even there today. Why would he? He is the head of the Transit Police. Great Political selection Ms. Jesson.
John Harrington I'm sure is a great guy and a consummate public official, but frankly his selection over one single advocate for the 700 men now in MSOP, and the many more potentially going there in the future, especially when that one volunteering candidate is one of the only people in this State to survive the Witch Hunt and live to tell about it is appalling and very telling.

IMAGINE THIS: Despite the TF leaders (and DHS) knowing that I have a great deal of information and resources germain to this charge, and about Sexual/Violence Prevention in general, they allow a Mr. Thomas Koepke to take the mic AGAIN for the 2nd meeting in a row, and give him 4 minutes to tell one story about 1 man in MSOP and even after I request of the Task Force Liaison to inquire of the judges chairing this TF if I can utilize one or both of the 2 minute slots that were signed up for today but no one raised their hand to claim the time, and the Liaison smiled broadly, sat down, and the Leaders ended the meeting with the 4 minutes allotted public speakers left on the table, despite my request.

I noted at least three other TF member absent today. There have been at least 3 Appointed Members not showing up at all 3 meetings. Would Ms. Jesson even allow me to be on standby and when I show each meeting assume the seat for someone who has something more important to do than attempt (as I did 10 years ago) to prevent the next Katie, Dru, whoever? No, of couse she wouldn't.

My highest priority is Public Safety. My true record proves this. The day before my arrest Mike Mabe Ch. 5 news at my home interviewing me about FAS. From prison I pen the GPS letter that would have saved Dru Sjodin's life after Donnay incompetently released him, and from both prison and the community I have begged and pleaded with our State's Policymakers/Powermongers to enact emergency legislation to expand Police Power in Minnesota to allow for the civil commitment of Domestic Offenders, even temporarily, after the professional Risk/Threat Assessors say lethal violence is highly likely. To no avail because the domestic offenders are in all class systems in this 21st century caste system that is modern America. But the Sex Offenders are the "Them" to "Us".


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