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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nov. 1, 2012 Meeting: Public Window Dressing--A State Facade

Senator Tony Lourey (Left), Dean Eric Janus (Right), and myself (Center, just left of Janus facing)

It was an epic day at the Task Force meeting today. My Dad and I got into the Room at the State Office Building (where the meetings are open to the public) at about 9:10am. Dean Janus was presenting on legal and constitutional issues, and then later the Olmsted County attorney, Mark Ostrem did an interesting and well-presented Presentation.

Mr. Ostrem's presentation to the TF included a Powerpoint Presentation of a real life case in Mr. Ostrem's office in which the DA repeatedly sought an alternative to commitment that would not compromise or jeopardize public safety.

Mr. Ostrem's presentation clearly demonstrated to me that he is serious, and the Counties Mr. Ostrem represents are serious about getting this right in the interests of Public Safety.

Mr. John Kirwin from the Hennepin County Attorney's Office presented as well about the SDP/SPP Civil Commitment process in Minnesota. Mr. Kirwin is extremely well-versed in this area of law and is easily the most prolific prosecutor in these cases over the past 20 years or so. Mr. Kirwin's presenattion was pretty straight forward and factual as I recall. Mr. Kirwin's presenation was interrupted by a fire alarm that sounded during it:

The building was evacuated for about 20 minutes and then the meeting resumed and Mr. Kirwin concluded his remarks:

Doug McGuire, the Hennepin County Commitment Defense Project Coordinator also gave a strong factual presentation concluding with a heartfelt plea for more options for LRA and Stays of Commitment for the attorneys in the Project:

Mr. William Donnay, Director of the Minnesota Department of Corrections Risk Assessment Community Notifications Unit presented around this time as well:

Mr. Donnay, from the MN DOC, admitted publicly that the DOC was engaging in the illegal custom/practice of referring "Moderate Risk" inmates to the County Attorneys (DA), in the wake of the preventable Dru Sjodin tragedy:

The statute only allows the DOC to refer "High" Risk, but as we know their policy was refer them all. If the sex offender posed low risk, the DOC simply twisted the documentation and subjective risk assessment tools to fabricate moderate or even high risk. An ex (or current) DOC psychologist admitted these facts to me via telephone on 11/12/12. Courageous.

That way they handed the "Hot Potato" to the state's prosecutors to deal with, who in turn, with the help of the state selected doctors, handed the State's Hottest Potato on to the district judges all over this state and it was on to the illegal/unconstitutional life sentences.

Then, it got even better...if you can believe this!


Nancy Johnston stated publicly that "Incentive" (Carrot) and "Punishment" (Stick) are the two motivational techniques that the MSOP employs on its "Clients". Of course the Constitution and caselaw says MSOP cannot have a punitive/punishment aspect at all, let alone a 50/50 Model of Incentive/Punishment, and still survive Constitutional scrutiny.

Overall, the take away from the day was one of the DHS and the two appointed judges who are controlling the entire proceedings putting on a show for the Task Force appointees who clearly not remotely up to speed on most of these issues, and more importantly, another chance to fool the public.

Here is what I mean by that, In or around WW II (I will research as my memory is vague) there was a Concentration Camp type town called Thereisenstadt (or similar), where the abuses were horrific. The Red Cross announced an upcoming visit a ways out. The Camps Commandants began to feed the starving political prisoners and cleaned up the town...applied that when theRed Cross came, things seemed alright...until they left. Then it was business as usual, just like at the MSOP.

Here, similarly, the State/DHS/Judge Controlled Panel permits the public and the "Official Record" to contain all the wonderful platitudes from Ms. Johnston about her "World Class" Treatment Program, which is an outright lie that I could prove is a lie and a sham if these people, charged with getting to the bnottom of this,would get out of their own way and let me bring this body and the public up to speed. Then Donnay, and then Kirwin. I rest my case.

This panel wants to meet a couple times and make recommendations that will effect thousands of Minnesota Citizens very directly, as their son, husband, brother, grandson etc. is slowly dying in this State-Sponsored slow, agonizing psychological death of hopelessness that even the MSOP staff member said he would kill himself knowing just how punitive the hopelessness of being harrassed daily by sadistic people, trained by sadistic people, overseen by sadistic people in the Corridors of Power in this State. These are people who I allege are committing crimes in the present by locking up people for potential crimes that may occur in the future. Surely every taxpayer in the State will be effected by what happens.

I have excellent video (with audio) of these presentations I'll "patient".

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