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Monday, November 5, 2012

MSOP: SOCCTF Listserve

I have established a MN SOCC Task Force Listserve. If you want an invite, please email me at:

with the email address you want me to use, who you are, and why you want to be included in this Think Tank that will be developing Recommendations for consideration for the Legislature.

The Commissioner (Lucinda Jesson) has ignored my letter to her from October 12, asking to be Appointed to the Task Force, or at least shown the common courtesy of a phone call or meeting to discuss the situation prior to her closing her Appointments:

 The Decision-makers in the Appointment Process (consistent with MN's "System Nullification" of this Class of Citizen) have ignored repeated efforts of concerned citizens both inside of MSOP and outside of MSOP to balance this Panel by providing some truth to the nonsense the TF and the Public has heard from some of the "officially" allowed/sanctioned Presenters.

This is extremely disappointing and family members of MSOP hostages are growing increasingly upset and frustrated with the DHS and the TF leaders conduct and decision-making in these areas. So far, the DHS (who seems to be controlling this Task Force) have signalled to me that cover up is still preferred over the truth and holding those accountable for this Constitutional Crisis that some of the DHS/TF Leaders chosen Presenters ARE MOST DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR.

DHS Commissioner Lucinda Jesson and the SOCCTF's Appointment decision-makers' conduct in not even acknowledging MSOPrisoner/Hostage Tim Coon's Grandparents, Ken and Abby Dawkins request to be Appointed Task Force members (as well as my written request for same directly to Commissioner Jesson and "Task Force" via DHS SOCCTF website email address/portal on or around October 12, 2012) is shameful in my opinion. I expect people to treat me that way, and people rarely disappoint me, but these heartbroken grandparents treatment by DHS/TF is unacceptable. I had to provide them the DHS' site info. MN citizens deserve better. The HosPrisoners deserve better.

How many of us would have retained our job, career and reputation if we had made a "mistake" and ignored clear warnings (including risk assessments all indicating high risk) that resulted in the preventable, gruesome sexually motivated torture and murder of a young Minnesota college girl?

William Donnay, Dwight Close and the other "Experts" at the MN DOC Risk Assessment Unit let Rodriguez walk scot-free knowing he was extremely dangerous and was telling DOC Psychologists to keep him locked up (due to his fears he would act out his violent, homicidal sexual fantasies he'd been building for 23 years of detention via the criminal system) and then turned around and took out their revenge for their own incompetance on 400-500 Low, Moderate and High Risk Sex Offenders in MN when should have been fired and sued. Maybe its not too late for all that after all???

WHY NO PUBLIC HUE & CRY? Call Richard Ney in Kansas like I did. Rodriguez's attorney. Ask Ney what the DOC knew and when prior to Rodriguez' release without even the safeguard the State put on John Patrick Murphy in 1993 or so...GPS. The same GPS I Proposed 10 months prior to the Dru Sjodin tragedy for Level 3's like Rodriguez:

Donnay, his unit, Governor Pawlenty...Responsible. Responsible and Preventable.

Much more to come...

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