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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Mental Health Crisis in MN

There is a mental health crisis in the State of Minnesota.

The crisis involves the frequency and severity level of violence (physical and sexual) that is perpetrated upon women and children in this State by Domestic Offenders--Spouses, Fiances, Boyfriends, etc. There are more women murdered in this State in one year at the hands of a Domestic Offender (D.O.) than in 30 years or more by Sex Offenders, and yet no calls for Civil Commitment.

Until now. I am publicly calling for the use of civil commitment of Domestic Offenders to protect vulnerable women and children in the State of Minnesota. Just tonight on the news talk of budget cuts for the City of Minneapolis' Domestic Abuse Team. The necessary funding could be found by fully discharging just one HosPrisoner of hundreds who never commitment criteria in the first place.

I spoke with another Forensic Examiner who was on the AG's list for SDP/SPP, and he/she confirmed for me that the reach was overbroad, and that he/she now believes abandoning the use of civil commitment for sex offenders entirely is the right approach for the State. I'm building a coalition one credentialed person at a time who is understanding this is the only rational course.

There were 23 women murdered in this State last year as a result of Domestic Offenders, and there have been on average 20 domestic homicides a year for decades. 500 sex offenders were committed in response to one avoidable, tragic homicide committed by a mentally ill sex offender, yet ZERO commitments of Domestic Offenders despite the predictable body count and preventable human toll. This is an outrageous record that the State of Minnesota needs to remedy this Session.

Another crisis: Lack of Psychiatric/Mental Health Beds with 700 non-mentally ill sex offenders in them.

Remember the case of Larry Dame? I was inside of MCF-Lino Lakes in 2000 when the story broke about this avoidable, preventable tragedy. Years later, when the State/DOC was cooking my case by stashing me in MCF-OPH to make me appear dangerous, I looked out of the tiny window in my cage and saw Larry Dame pacing out on the Flag at Oak Park Heights. Here is a link to this sad story:

Dame is in Muderpedia after slaughtering his sister's entire family because Minnesota did not have any "Room at the Inn"--as the mental health beds at St. Peter and Moose Lake are filled with hundreds of non-mentally ill (Politically Ill) sex offenders. Peter Erlinder wrote in 1993 that these men were not mentally ill and in need of commitment, but that they were expendable political pawns.

The people in real need of psychiatric intervention are oftentimes unable to get any and they suffer as well as their loved ones and victims due to this failed MSOP "Program".

Our jails and prisons are dumping grounds for the mentally ill in Minnesota. Our State has a moral obligation to the mentally ill (who often have no family that will advocate for them) and our State has failed that obligation to date. Donna Mimbach, her husband, their 12 year old, their nine year old, and their 22 month old deserved better.

I'm making a Public Call for supporters of my Proposal re Civil Commitment of D.O.'s to join me!

Rich Stenek courageously wrote a Commentary recently about this aspect of the crisis:

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