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Saturday, October 20, 2012


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Let's see...where were we before Doctor Robert S. Bauer--Sex Offender So Rudely Interrupted Us: Oh yeah: this woman, Roberta Opheim, Headed (and still heads) the Office of the Ombudsman for Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities. Here is what these people were paid on your tax dollars to provide me, an innocent Minnesota Citizen:

Vision, Mission and Values Statements


To promote change that improves the effectiveness, efficiency and dignity of the services provided to citizens with mental, developmental, chemical and emotional disabilities, while assuring that citizens who are least able to care for themselves are protected.


To promote the highest attainable standards of treatment, competence, efficiency and justice for persons receiving care and treatment for mental, developmental, chemical and emotional disabilities.

Values and Principles

  • We will deliver services in an ethical, professional manner.
  • We will be respectful.
  • We will provide quality information.
  • We will do no harm.
  • We believe all people are equal.
  • We will advise clients based on current information.
  • We will respect differences and diversity.
  • We will be honest and use professional ethics with all our clients.
  • We will preserve privacy at all times.
  • We believe that clients have the right to live in the community of their choice.
  • We will not make promises to our clients that we can not deliver.
  • We will promote self-advocacy whenever possible.
  • We will actively use effective listening.
  • We will promote client dignity.
  • We will provide a sense of hope (positive -- hope).
  • We will be mindful of conflicts of interest.
  • We believe clients are to be valued as individual persons.
  • We will not talk in a degrading way about our clients.
You people failed me and 650 other Minnesota Citizens & their families and loved ones. How dare you!

Roberta Opheim, Brian Relay & Co.

Roberta Opheim "Ombudsman"--Except for the PATIENTS.

Shame on you Roberta. You were obligated to go to the Feds with what I told you, and sent you. You should have helped. That was your job that the Minnesota taxpayers were/are paying you for. Why didn't you blow the whistle with what you and your whole office and Chris Michel knew???

Kinda sounds like the MSOP "MISSION STATEMENT":

Locked in limbo

March 23, 2011
MOOSE LAKE -- In the 14 years since Minnesota's Sexually Dangerous Persons Act cleared the way for the state to detain hundreds of paroled sex offenders in prison-like treatment centers, just 24 men have met what has proved to be the only acceptable standard for release.

They died.

"We would say, 'Another one completed treatment,'" said Andrew Babcock, a former guard and counselor in the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP). (See Babcock Letter Itself Here):

Last year, the MSOP published a Mission Statement: "To promote public safety by providing a safe and secure environment in which civilly committed sex offenders are offered the opportunity to participate in high-quality treatment programs that enhance the success of their re-entry into society."
In theory, then, eventual releases from the program are a given. But in February, Ann LaValley-Wood, the assistant clinical director, wrote in a memo to a patient that "the focus of the program is not completion. It is consistent demonstration of behavioral change."

(See  ACTUAL "Patient Request Form" DATED "2-4-08" HERE):

This young man (who I personally know) is pleading with Senior "Clinical" TEAM MSOP "Treatment" ASSISTANT CLINICAL DIRECTOR ANN LAVALLEY-WOOD:

2-4-08 To; Dr. LaValley: My request is: "Per Minnesota Rule 253.B.03 Subd. 7 -Program Plan- I have the right to know the specific goals, expected time needed to meet those goals, and the specific measures needed to meet those. I am asking what is the expected timeframe for me to complete this program?"



Yeah, I guess she technically is right. Timeframes due differ as to when another "Patient" (read Hostage) Completes Treatment (Read Dies) in this "Hospital" (READ: DEATH ROW 4 SEX OFFENDERS). The young man inquiring about what he needs to do to reduce his risk so he can safely rejoin the community is told there is no completion. A long slow death at the hands of Sex Offending, Abusive Teammates until the day you die. No wonder Babcock said he would kill himself if he was in my shoes. It was that DEVASTATING, TERRIFYING, AND TRAUMATIC! Death is completion of the MSOP.

Back to documenting daily life INSIDE of the MSOP: 

On September 16, 2006 I request to Team for Gary Grimm: "to meet w/you to discuss remedies to the incompetence and negligence that South Staff have demonstrated to me, along with the Maltreatment that I have been suffering since arriving on South Unit over 2 weeks ago, and the OD's and Unit Director Lyle Johnson's egregious failure to adequately supervise the "security counselors"." The failure by the S.C.'s supervisory structure to adequately supervise the poorly trained S.C.'s has only added to the inherent problems of putting poorly trained, barely legal age youths in positions of authority within MSOP's broken system."

September 16, 2006: My [complaint/comments]: "...due to MSOP refusing/failing to allow me access to AA/NA meetings OR even provide ANY Program materials, i.e. "Big Book" etc., I've been forced at Pexton and now here in "TCU" to hold (Chair) my own meetings w/"Pts" who also want to be involved in our recovery programs. What do you consider to be "Therapeutic" about a Unit (South) that has allowed staff to consistently disrespect the "patients" and intentionally (from above?) create an atmosphere of hatred, fear & distrust between the staff who aren't adequately trained to supervise a kindergarten class let alone provide "security" for DHS, or "counsel" patients?

My next two:

On September 16, 2006 I attempt to do the IMPOSSIBLE: HOLD TEAM MSOP UD LYLE (LIE) JOHNSON ACCOUNTABLE. Johnson lies yet again about letting me have the Wal Mart Ordering Privileges I'm entitled to as a HOLD. I go without week in and week out under this sadistic game Johnson, Grimm & Johnston are playing: Tell him every time he can have WalMart. Watch him turn in his slip in GLEE with all the other "Patients". Let him get his hopes up for days he can finally order something normal the STATE PREVENTED HIM FROM DOING FOR 8 YEARS. Then, intentionally don't fill his order every time, and have your ABUSIVE LITTLE YELLOW SHIRTED "SECURITY COUNSELORS" surround me and smirk at me as they inform me, yet again, that Lyle's lies are PATHOLOGICAL.THERE IS NO WAL MART FOR ME. I THREATEN LAWSUITS. THAT IS MORE DANGEROUS TO US THAN A REAL PATIENT ON A PSYCHOTIC BREAK ARMED WITH A WEAPON. EVENSTAD'S PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD. PROVOKE HIM. NO WAL MART. EVEN THE COMMITTED PATIENTS GET THEIR ORDER WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT. JOHNSON, GRIMM, NANCY JOHNSTON LET ME TWIST IN THE WIND. EVEN AFTER MY ELDERLY FATHER, VIRGIL EVENSTAD CALLS THESE CRIMINALS THEY WILL NOT CEASE OR REDUCE ON MY MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.

PATIENT "ADVOCATE" Tony Hanten TELLS ME THE PATIENT'S CONCERNS ARE "BULLSHIT". The Regional Ombudsman, Chris Michel offices there but she won't avail herself to me. She tells me the same thing Roberta Opheim and Brian Relay tell me from the Central Office in St. Paul, Minnesota" We won't help you. You are under our jurisdiction and we are responsible for helping you, but we won't. It's as simple as that. MSOP is "different" I'm told, "there's nothing we can do" "yeah, sounds kinda tough what you're going through" "we have known there are big problems there for YEARS". etc. By the time I figure out from the BOWELS of the NUT HOUSE I've got no help coming, it's too late for me to avoid being physically and sexually assaulted by STAFF (TEAM MSOP) in this "HOSPITAL" where I am a "Patient". INSANE.

On September 17, 2006 I requested a Record review, to which Elsen replied they would get to ASAP.

My next two:

On September 17, 2006 I request again for a Postage scale which is blocking my ACCESS TO THE COURTS, and my ability to communicate with the outside world.

I'm told again that it is: "Being handled"

On September 17, 2006 I request to Audit (Ch. 13) the MSOP as I am being EXTORTED to pay $25/mo for cable vs FREE IN PRISON, to fund the MSOP "MEDIA" that doesn't exist. Someone or someones is pocketing that pile of cash eacjh month from the Hostages that have family paying for their cable. I copy Roberta, but she fails to lift a finger.

My next two:

On September 17, 2006 I request that the TEAM MSOP resolve the confusion they all seem to have as to just what is this place? A prison? A Prison Hospital? I provide them with the document in which the MN BCA refers to the MSOP as a "Prison 4 Sex Offenders". At least the MN BCA dispensed with any pretexts. They know what prisons look like. They put people in prisons.:

"Patient" Lentz waived Confidentiality when he gave me this document, as did every so-called patient in that place. They don't care about privacy or HIPPA, they want out or Treatment that gives them a chance to get out. They know I'm their best bet at getting either for them through the Courts.

On September 17, 2006 I inform TEAM that they are violating my right to Equal Protection by not allowing me the same privileges as the Holds are receiving, and that I am not subject to TCU rules, as "I'm not in Therapy, Treatment or committed."

My next two:

On September 19, 2006 I make complaint of access to the courts.
Reply: "What is your request."

On September 20, 2006 I state: To: "TEAM FOR GARY GRIMM, Jack Erskine, Cal Ludeman" My request is: "to be moved back to Pexton today, and be informed of the move by lunchtime. I intend to ask my Dad to call Gary Grimm, Jack Erskine and Cal Ludeman, in that order, if I hear no such news by lunchtime, and if my dad is not successful getting this move authorized for today by early afternoon, then we will ask my lawyer, Jill Clark to request an Emergency Order/Injunction ordering this move off a NTU, and and back to Pexton where the other HOLDS are who present no safety or security issues are housed, along w/the fact that part of South Unit's punishment (Therapy) measures involves collusion between the MSH & St. Peter Police Dep't to intimidate "patients" (prisoners) & St. Peter P.D. told me NO Pts are to call them to report any complaints-Only "Advocate". Believe Courts will change that quickly."

Elsen responds, "You will not be moving to Pexton today."

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