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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Documenting the Witch Hunt--DAILY-Pt. 2

My daily chronology of life inside the MSOP as an INNOCENT MAN continues... 

To help prevent any other Innocent Minnesotans from experiencing the hell that is the MSOP, please donate:

My next two Patient Request Forms:

On August 10, 2006 I requested to meet with Nancy Johnston regarding an "urgent" issue.
UD Heller responds that Nancy would like me to "specify" what my concerns are. I do not get my meeting with Nancy Johnston as the reader probably has surmised by now.

Later on August 10, 2006 I again state I want to add the exculpatory/mitigating data MSOP never let me add, and I reiterate my fear and concern about the threatened Unit move to a Unit where three hostages had been threatening me.

My next two:

On August 11, 2006 I requested that TEAM replace my Primary Nurse, Kim Bakker. I state that "I will not accept my current Primary Nurse's disrespect and attempts to punish me over my exercising my Rights via the Patient Bill of Rights. Team's responses to my requests to replace Nurse Kim Bakker and Dr. Bauer will be taken as high as the AMA & similar if denied, as I expect." I copy Brian Relay, 2nd in Command to Ombudsman Roberta Opheim.

I repeatedly requested Intervention from the Office of the State Ombudsman, which Roberta Opheim has been in charge of for years. She told me very candidly, as did MSOP-STP Site Ombudsman Chris Michel that MSOP was "different" and that there would be no help coming at any time from the Ombudsman's Office to even Investigate the myriad Human Rights Abuses and Violations that I had irrefutable evidence of. Roberta was very clear with me on this.


UD Heller Rejects the request.

Four minutes later, on August 11, 2006 I request that Team reduce my Punishment for alleged "Staff Shopping" from Activity Level A Punishment, as that Procedure reads:

Notice Level A Punishment is limited to "behavior that has the potential for harm to self or others."

UD Heller Rejects my request. Brian Relay is copied at Ombudsman's Office again.

My next two:

On August 11, 2006 I reiterated my pleas to have the exculpatory/mitigating data of two alleged "victims" in my case, (in which one "victim" recanted to police telling police she never met me in person, and the other "victim"'s accusations were proven false by her best friend) added to my Records at MSOP:

AM I THE VICTIM OR THE CRIME? Bow-Tied "Super Lawyer" State Puppet "Defense" Attorney Frederick J. Goetz, Minister of Justice Shapiro, and your last Constitutional "CHECK" or "BALANCE" against these violations of DUE PROCESS, that go the very core of ALL OF OUR FREEDOM and LIBERTY in this state and in this country is this DEFENDER OF OUR RIGHTS, and CHAMPION FOR TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY:  Francis J. Connolly. Connolly had ALL the evidence. He bullied and chastised from his ELEVATED (LITERALLY) POSITION IN THE COURTHOUSE, looking down on me and at me with his Majestic Robe, reminiscent of King Solomon in every way except for the foul stink and taint of corruption and cover up of the truth all in conspiracy to wrongfully convict an innocent man. Our criminal justice system.

UD Heller Rejects this request yet again. Brian Relay is copied.

On August 16, 2006 I raise the following "Issues: 1) BA Moulder told me there is no appeal process involving a violative cell/unit transfer; 2) "Supervisor" Matt Schroeder threatened me that if I attempt to exhaust Administrative Remedy (Required to litigate) by appealing the Team's decision to Grimm, that I would be Punished because I didn't limit myself to the Team and the Grievance Process. I request: 1) the 7-Day Notice period restart now that I know Meyer & Moulder lied to me; 2) SOD Matt Schroeder be disciplined for threatening me with Punishment if I sent an appeal to Grimm--my Right."

My next two:

On August 20, 2006 I attempted to get TEAM MSOP to consider my Response to the State's Petition, which can be reviewed here:

UD Heller responds in part: "Charted behavioral observations are the only input our Team has into your Commitment Process." Only problem: MSOP is Prohibited, by their own Procedures, from doing any Charting of "Behavioral Observations." That is only allowed on "Patients".

UD Heller Rejects my request to have MSOP consider my version of the baseless Petition.

On August 26, 2006 I state: "I am appealing these initial 4 Grievances (with no Grievance ID Numbers as *policy requires) numbered 14, 15, 17 and 18, to the Site Director, (Nancy Johnston) per policy. The "advocates" responses make it clear to any objective person that he is acting as a "filter", preventing any and all "Patient" complaints from being reviewed by MSOP Administrator(s), thus insulating said Administrator(s), MSOP/DHS Administration from liability for violations/abuses of Patient Bill of Rights, illegal and/or unconstitutional customs/practices due to "Patient" failure to exhaust Administrative Remedy. I request the relief requested on each grievance and to meet with you."

UD Heller lies to me in her response, telling me that "These grievances are not eligible for appeal."  Site Director Nancy Johnston does not meet with me nor grant the relief requested.

My next two:

On August 27, 2006 I reiterate my calls for Nurse Bakker and Doc Bauer to be replaced. I state: "These staff members have violated my Patient Bill of Rights as I stated in my previous requests which have gone unanswered by team, as well as both staff have fabricated charting against me, disrespected me, and have maltreated me. Nurse Bakker had me disciplined over her failure to follow Dr. Bauer's prescription for my lotion. I am not comfortable with either of these people having anything to do with my health care, and I have the right to have them both replaced with staff who will treat me within the Patient Bill of Rights & Hippocratic oath they've taken."

UD Heller dodges the main issue: Replace Bakker/Bauer and replies: "These were returned to you on 8-14-06."

On August 27, 2006 I let TEAM MSOP know how I really feel about the situation the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Corrections, the Richfield Police Department ("Investigator" Beth Roberts), the HCAO, the DHS/MSOP, the Hennepin County District Court ("Honorable" Judge H. Peter Albrecht)  (Pictured) 

 Mark Uner, William Donnay, and others have me in:

I state in part: "Henn. Cty. abducted me from prison and has held me hostage at this prison...This is an unacceptable situation--kidnapping me, holding me hostage, and then not even giving me the welfare or whatever monies I am entitled to. Thank you, Tom" I think that angered the folks at Henn. Cty. and TEAM MSOP. TEAM MSOP retaliated four days later...

My next two:

On August 27, 2006 I request of staff to assist me with obtaining a citizen's phone number who is very well known to the MSOP as an outspoken advocate against the MSOP--Mary Thuringer of Citizens for Reform whose child is languishing at the MSOP. MSOP refused to assist me with this request, with UD Heller responding: "We will locate numbers of businesses but not private citizens numbers." Rejected.

On August 29, 2006 I request: "for the site director (Nancy Johnston) to receive the following 13 grievances which I am appealing. Tony Hanten's responses are unacceptable and he clearly is not even making an attempt to advocate for us "patients". All he is doing is acting as a "filter" for MSOP Administration, and that is why I am appealing to the site director, (Nancy Johnston) to show I have exhausted "Administrative Remedy", and thus, precluded the State from utilizing this affirmative defense. Thanks, Tom"

My next two:

On August 30, 2006 I request that 14 pages of information are faxed to my ISR Agent. All the while I'm twisting in the wind under this abuse, the State lists me as being "Released" on "Intensive Supervised Release. It didn't seem like I had been "Released" to me. Approved.

On August 31, 2006, the MSOP made good on it's verbal threats to me to "Send you up the Hill" to the Minnesota Security Hospital where ONLY COMMITTED MEN--MEN FOUND BY THE COURTS TO BE SEXUALLY DANGEROUS PERSONS AND/OR SEXUAL PSYCHOPATHIC PERSONALITIES RESIDE. This retaliatory, illegal and unconstitutional transfer did not even come with the Statutorily Required 7-Day Notice, which would have allowed me to file a Motion for an Injunction with my attorney to block this sadistic retaliation.

The MSOP forced me to live on the Infamous South Unit MSOP/MSH, where the previous April Hostage Michael Benson and others escaped from citing later the Legal Theory that the Escape was justified under Law and under the United States Constitution because the abuse was so severe. MSOP had been Waging War on these Patients, like Rodger Robb (See Babcock Letter Ante) Eugene Banks, Larry Schmidt, Kenneth Mattson, and many others 24/7/365 with no abatement for years. This Unit was called the "TCU" Therapeutic Concepts Unit". Seriously. It was.

This is what Rodger Robb articulated as "What passes for life at MSOP": 

Here is the paper Robb references at the end of his Essay by C. Peter Erlinder in 1993:

Back to the Narrative: My next two:

On September 2, 2006 from the South Unit I make an early complaint that my "Privileges" as a Hold have been eviscerated by TEAM MSOP telling me I now have the equivalent "Privilege Stage" as the committed men who refuse to do "Treatment". This was an untenable result.

The response is that the "OD" will be notified of my concern.

My next two:

On September 6, 2006 I requested to call my Civil Rights attorney, Jill Clark regarding the "Abuse/Neglect/Maltreatment by Health Services staff at South Unit. Approved.

Also on September 6, 2006 I sent an important Kite that was responded to by South UD Lyle Johnson. It reads: "My request is: "to have my curtain removed from my outside of my prison cell door which covers my only window on the cell door. The presence of the curtain is designed to create psychological isolation and is maltreatment, in violation of my Patient Bill of Rights. The TCU South Unit director (Lyle Johnson) stated to me that I cannot temporarily cover my window while I am urinating or sitting on the toilet, as I (and all other prisoners) am/are allowed in every prison unit in DOC-LL, RC, STW, STC, OPH. Cover window or put up sheet in violation of Unit/DOC rules, which staff waive for respect level as long as verbal acknowledgement prisoner ok & will be removing visual obstruction when done using toilet. Here, male or female staff, some too young to legally drink are able to open my curtain at any time 9:30pm-6:30 AM w/o any warning and see my exposed penis as I must face the door to urinate, and/or view me on toilet or in process of wiping. This is an egregious, illegal privacy & Pt. Bill of Rights violation. Request remedy. Thanks"

MSOP South Unit Director responds to this very personal, humiliating plea with: "Please leave "Team Input" lines open for communication."

My next two:

On September 6, 2006 I request staff assistance in placing a call to the office of Health Facility Complaints, which, (like every other State Agency charged with overseeing Hospitals, Prisons, Supervised Living Facilities--whatever MSOP is) never accepts the Pre-Paid calls from MSOP.

Request Rejected by "Security Counselor Lead" Bryan Herberg, although he doesn't sign his name for accountability reasons--rather under Signature he writes: "Team" He states: "You need to place this call yourself."

Also on September 6, 2006 I requested transfer "ASAP back to Pexton Bldg...Team lied to me re: South not being TCU & this is not an appropriate placement. I'm on a HOLD status, I have not been committed nor subject to being forced to live w/Committed persons found by law to be Sexually Psychopathic/Dangerous, Mentally Retarded, Vulnerable Adults, etc. Team stated clearly to me my transfer is not due to ANY alleged behavior issues/problems of mine, but rather for "safety" reasons due to my Dad calling BARB HELLER, Matt Schroeder & Gary Grimm. I requested to go to 2N, 1S or 1N in Pexton & was refused-told they don't "want" me w/Pts in Tx. Thanks, Tom"

UD Johnson Rejects this request, stating: "Please leave the "Team Input" lines open for communication,"

On September 6, 2006 I requested "to call the "Administration Advocate, Tony Hanten." Approved. SCL Bryan Herberg again signs the Request: "Team". The same day I requested to call Chris Michel, the Regional Ombudsman. Approved.

My next two includes an MSOP Classic:

On September 8, 2006 I requested "the complete personnel file on Program Director Gary Grimm, and/or the procedure within DHS to obtain said. My preliminary legal analysis has lead me to conclude that Gary Grimm meets the relaxed post-Dru Sjodin criteria for Petitioning as a "proposed patient" for SDP/SPP involuntary civil commitment."

Here is the link to Grimm's Criminal Case:


Appellants were employed by the St. Peter Regional Treatment Center, a state institution owned and operated by respondent Department of Human Services. Appellant Oslin was a security counselor on the night shift, supervised by Gary Grimm. Appellant Wiese was a licensed practical nurse, supervised at times by Gary Grimm's wife, Linda Grimm.
In early January 1992, the center's night shift staff attended a Christmas party after work at a local saloon. At one point during the party, Gary Grimm motioned to appellant Wiese to come over, grabbed her, touched the sides of her breasts, stated "you are one hell of a woman," and kissed her on the lips. Wiese pushed him away and stated "this isn't right." The incident was witnessed by another employee.

Later in the evening, appellant Oslin and a coworker were standing with Gary Grimm next to Grimm's car. According to Oslin, Gary Grimm bent down, grabbed the inside of her leg, slid his hand up, and grasped her crotch area. Oslin pushed away and left the area.

Appellants asked the county attorney to charge Gary Grimm with criminal assault. Probable cause was shown, and Grimm, while maintaining his innocence, pleaded guilty to two counts of disorderly conduct.
The evidence indicated that during the Christmas party, someone used Oslin's camera to take a picture of Linda Grimm passed out on a toilet. After the party, Oslin developed the pictures, brought them to work, and passed them around. Gary Grimm questioned Oslin during work about the picture of his wife, informed Oslin that his wife was discussing a lawsuit against her, and stated that if Oslin went home immediately to get the pictures and negatives, he would talk his wife out of the lawsuit. Oslin complied with Gary Grimm's request.
Appellants presented evidence of earlier inappropriate behavior by Gary Grimm and his wife.

In April 1985, the Department of Human Rights found probable cause to believe that Gary Grimm had retaliated against another employee, Sandra Manser, after she had filed a charge of sex discrimination. Manser sued Gary Grimm in federal court for sexual harassment and retaliation, and she and Gary Grimm reached a settlement in April 1987. The center did not discipline Gary Grimm for the alleged retaliation against Manser and subsequently gave him an above-average performance review and an exceptional performance award.

In March 1988, an employee under Gary Grimm's supervision filed a grievance, claiming that Grimm had unfairly removed her from her original work assignment. In January 1990, Gary Grimm's supervisor reported to Grimm that another employee under his supervision, Julie Zielie, had complained that Grimm had intimidated her and had blocked her from leaving a room at the center. In November 1990, Julie Zielie informed Gary Grimm that she was afraid to work with a certain male coworker. Nonetheless, Grimm continued to assign Zielie to work with the coworker. Zielie reported the problem to the center's affirmative action officer and also reported that Oslin had experienced a similar problem with Gary Grimm.

In December 1990, at another Christmas party for center employees, Gary and Linda Grimm became intoxicated. Linda behaved sexually with a coworker, and Gary appeared angry and jealous. In 1991, Linda Grimm approached Oslin in a bar and made sexual comments and advances towards her. Gary Grimm witnessed part of his wife's conduct, and according to Oslin, he later retaliated against Oslin at work.

In February 1992, Oslin and Wiese reported Gary Grimm's conduct during the January 1992 Christmas party to their union steward. The union steward recommended to center management that Gary Grimm be removed from the night shift for the comfort and safety of Wiese and Oslin. Gary Grimm's supervisor met with him to discuss the incidents and his drinking habits. There was evidence in the record that many employees had smelled alcohol on Gary Grimm's breath at work and that on more than one occasion Gary Grimm had reported to work intoxicated. Grimm indicated that he did not want to be reassigned because it would be disruptive to his family life. The supervisor referred Grimm to the Employee Assistance Program, but Grimm stated that he did not have a drinking problem and did not need the program.
In March 1992, a meeting was held by the center's chief executive officer, its former affirmative action officer, Gary Grimm, and his supervisor, to discuss appellants' sexual harassment allegations and Grimm's alleged drinking problem. The supervisor's notes indicate:
Gary stated that he could understand why [Oslin] might be fearful of retaliation, and then stated "And she should be", but then quickly attempted to clarify what he meant - not helping himself in the process.
Center management discussed appellants' allegations with the Department of Human Services, but neglected at least in some instances to inform the department about Gary Grimm's statement indicating that Oslin should be afraid of retaliation or about Grimm's referral to the Employee Assistance Problem or the previous allegations by other employees against Gary Grimm.
In April 1992, the center's chief executive officer issued Oslin a memorandum concluding that her complaint of assault by Gary Grimm at the January 1992 Christmas party was not verifiable. The executive issued Wiese a memorandum stating that her complaint of assault by Gary Grimm at the Christmas party had been substantiated. Gary Grimm received a three-day suspension in April 1992 as discipline for his actions towards Wiese, although there is some evidence that Grimm's suspension was treated as vacation time. Center management did not take any further action against Gary Grimm.
According to appellants, Gary and Linda Grimm retaliated against them following their report of Gary Grimm's actions at the January 1992 Christmas party. Wiese claimed that it became difficult to work under Linda Grimm. At one point, when Wiese asked Linda Grimm what to do about a patient who was having a seizure, Linda Grimm did not reply and glared at her. Appellants claim that Linda Grimm stated to coworkers that appellants were "lesbian lovers out after her husband." Oslin and Wiese complained that Gary Grimm was making harassing phone calls. On March 30, 1992, a threatening and harassing note was placed in Oslin's mailbox at work. In May 1992, appellants' vehicles were vandalized in the center parking lot. Appellants also claim that a witness's garage was vandalized twice in December 1992 and again in January 1993.
In August 1992 or thereabouts, appellants filed charges of reprisal discrimination with the Department of Human Rights. The Department dismissed Wiese's complaint, and Oslin voluntarily dismissed her own complaint to pursue a civil lawsuit.

Gary Grimm received a pay increase in May 1993, based on satisfactory job performance. In December 1993, the center promoted Gary Grimm to a daytime position of forensic unit supervisor. [INSANITY]
The center investigated appellants' claims of reprisal by the Grimms and completed the investigation in February 1993. Oslin's allegations against Gary Grimm were found to be unsubstantiated. Wiese's allegation against Gary Grimm concerning the incident at the Christmas party was again found to be substantiated, but her allegations of disparate treatment or retaliation were found to be "for the most part" unsubstantiated.
Appellant subsequently brought this suit, stating only civil law claims, on which the trial court granted summary judgment to respondent.



Site Director Nancy Johnston lies to me again in telling me I have no rights under Chapter 13.

Same day, September 8, 2006 I make another futile attempt to get any help from the Ombudsman's Office.

My next two:

On September 10, 2006 I made a request for the Unit to purchase a postage scale. In Response to Lyle (Lie) Johnson's non-responses to my requests telling me to leave the Team Input open, I tell UD Johnson: "Lyle: If you'd like me to keep Team Input area open, please use Response area to respond w/rationale for any further rejected requests-otherwise you don't need either, Right?"

On September 10, 2006 I sent UD Johnson a Kite: "Issue: I have reviewed the MSOP-St. Peter Site TCU North/South Patient Handbook Unit Rules, and I wasn't able to locate any information re: the outside cell door window covering. Please provide me with the relevant MSOP Policy/Procedure number/Guideline, etc. so that I may review it & reference it in my administrative appeal(s) and/or litigation re: your denial of my request to remove this curtain during curfew hours. so that I am not subject to staff being allowed to view my exposed groin area while I am urinating as the toilet is set up so that I must face the door (thus staff). I postulate that this humiliating technique is violative of my Const./Patient Rights. This degrading experience has already happened to me. CC: Jill Clark"

My next two:

This September 10, 2006 Kite is interesting:

My request is: "for staff to not use my photograph, name, or any other information about me which m(a)y be in MSOP/DHS possession to go "online" on MySpace.Com or anywhere else in cyberspace or any other place that is not authorized by DHS' policies & procedures. I *understand staff have been using Patient photos and info cruising the Internet chatting graphically/sexually w/minors, etc. and other illegal, unconstitutional, and Pt. Bill of Rights violative behavior, which should come as no surprise to anyone considering the age & maturity levels of "security counselors" here-some not even old enough to legally drink, let alone be trusted to "care" for Pt's and oversee the Units, inc. Security Issues. *This is my understanding that will be thoroughly investigated to confirm or deny the information I've received. Thanks, Tom"

The next Kite from September 11, 2006 marks the first time in writing (to my knowledge) that I dubbed the MSOP South Unit the "Fear-Based Stress Box", which is what MSOP is. I state:

My request is: "for a staff assisted call to Mike Tesner or Comm. Cal Ludeman regarding my inappropriate placement in this fear-based stress box MSOP calls the "Therapeutic Concepts Unit." I'm on HOLD STATUS, not in "therapy"-not committed and Lyle rejected my request to move back to Pexton, so now I move up the chain. P.S. I additionally wish to raise issues w/Senior leadership re: MSOP's Program Dir. having more sexual assault related convictions than I have, and word on Unit S.C.'s using Pt. photos/names on"

BA Robert Elsen's response on behalf of TEAM MSOP is telling: "You are welcome to call Mr. Tesner on your own time. This will not be an assisted call." TEAM MSOP knew no SOS/CEO Mike Tessneer was not about to accept any "Patient" calls from MSOP--not even Pre-paid ones. 

TEAM MSOP continuously blocked any/all efforts I made to get up out of MSOP-STP and make Complaints and obtain remedies from DHS Central Office. At this time, I was still naive enough to think that at some point in the Supervisory Structure of DHS/MSOP that someone would hold MSOP accountable.

My next two:

On September 12, 2006 I write to TEAM/Lyle Johnson: My request is: "to be moved today (Tue) off this fear-based stress box that you call "Therapeutic". Unit Director Johnson has disrespected me with his failure (abject & utter) to respond to my verbal & written requests. He has failed to resolve issues as simple  as my Baby Oil being seized by Mark Tietz as "critical" contraband, although other South Unit prisoners have their canteen-purchased Baby Oil in their cells or controlled boxes, lied to me on Thursday re: my status by failing/refusing to speak w/PRP despite my specifically telling him the issue was important to me. My PRP lied to me on Friday-stating he would speak w/Ryan & Bob regarding this issue, and I discovered today (Mon) from Ryan & Bob that they know nothing of this. Lyle Johnson is disrespecting the Patients on his Unit by failure to respond to their requests as he has mine. His attitude of disrespect is exemplified by his failure/refusal to do something as simple as purchase a postal scale for South prisoners to use so they don't have to guess postage & send too little w/the mailed item returned for more postage or send too little w/the mailed item returned for more postage or send too much $ on postage-He has been giving lip service on this issue for over 2 months!!! Contact Nancy or Grimm re: Move to Pexton, please."

No response from UD Johnson/TEAM MSOP.

Later that day, September 12, 2006 I request Team to provide me AA/NA materials so I can chair meetings for the Committed men who wanted AA/NA Programming that the "Therapeutic Concepts Unit" did not have. I go on to state: "P.S. I'm very serious about my sobriety/recovery and would like Program materials provided to me, unlike at Pexton, where I held meetings w/ Program materials."

The response from this "Treatment Center" "Therapeutic Concepts Unit" TEAM is: "We are consistent with Pexton regarding this." in other words, BA Bob Elsen tells me I'm on my own. The bigger message sent was that there is no therapy here. It is punishment. If you want therapy, administer it amongst yourselves. This message was received loud and clear by the other 24 men on the Unit with me.

My next two:

On September 12, 2006 I write to "TEAM FOR GARY GRIMM" and yet again request to be restored to Hold Privileges. BA Bob Elsen responds that I have the lowest Privilege Stage possible, and that I can put in a request for a higher Privilege Stage. I thought that's what I'd been doing since August 31, 2006.

On September 12, 2006 I request: "for Team NOT to respond to Requests that are submitted to DHS employees beyond the regular Team on the Unit & Unit Director Lyle Johnson. When I send a Request to: Team for Gary Grimm, please send the request to Mr. Grimm and whoever else I'm writing to."

BA Elsen responds: "Any member of the team can answer requests."

My next two:

On September 12, 2006: I submit a request to "Team for Gary Grimm" requesting "to meet with Program Director Gary Grimm regarding the move from Pexton to this punishment block of what the BCA, in writing, calls the MSOP-"Prison 4 Sex Offenders". I was lied to by the Pexton Team, U.D. Heller, S.W. Meyer & S.C. Grady-Minor in being told South is NOT TCU & I would have MORE privileges & it would be less restrictive. I request to speak w/Gary Grimm about the egregious violations of Equal Protection I'm experiencing here, being FORCED to live w/Sex. Dang. Persons; Sex Psych. Pers.; Mentally Ill, & MR COMMITTED PERSONS-"

The following is a SHOCKING DOCUMENT few eyes outside of the MSOP have ever seen. Note how the MN BCA describes (and doesn't describe) the MSOP: NOT as a "Hospital" or "Supervised Living Facility", that Team MSOP/DHS was alleging, but rather the BCA provided their own description under "Other": "Prison For Sex Offenders" 

BA Elsen responds: "Your request will be forwarded."

Same day I renew my request for my Baby Oil, which is allowed and which other MSOP South Unit hostages are allowed to keep in their cells or their Controlled Boxes.

My next two:

On September 13, 2006 I request to see the policy, memo, etc. that prohibits me from having the baby oil other hostages have on the Unit that is sold at canteen.

Later that day I renew my call to have my Privilege Stage equalized to that of the other Holds. It's clearly an Equal Protection issue to me.

My next two:

On September 14, 2006 I request via these two Kites to see the OD, and call Tony Hanten and Chris Michel. Approved.

My next two:

On September 14, 2006 I ask to call Tony Hanten again and also ask for info on the Privileges of Holds, which MSOP has cut me off from.

My next two:

On September 14, 2006  I request to be shown where in MSOP Policy/Procedure does it state that one hostage can't give another hostage some street food. I'm told to "Refer to the patient handbook & protocols." As if I hadn't already done that. In the second one here from this date I request a phone number for UD Johnson as I had been lied to by Johnson in telling me I was approved for Wal Mart. Johnson would tell me I was good to order from Wal Mart, and then when all the other hostages got their Wal Mart orders, the Team would tell me I'm out of luck.
Reply is that staff will speak with me about this.

My next two:

On September 15, 2006  I requested to speak with the OD and to call Pt. Advocate Hanten.

My next two:

On September 20, 2006 I requested to see the MSh/MSOP's policies relating to "Patient" access to the St. Peter Police Department. Saint Peter, Minnesota Police "Dispatcher Lisa Boehlke stated to me that it is "Hospital policy" to force "Pts" to go through the Advocate in order to set to the S.P.P.D., which I assert is illegal & unconstitutional on its face if any such policy, custom or practice, written or unwritten, actually exists."

TEAM MSOP RESPONSE: "You can use the Pt. Phone to contact the St. Peter Police Dept."

Bob Elsen, who responds on behalf of Team MSOP tells me call the police, who I have already told Elsen has told me I cannot report my staff assaults and other illegal behavior/conduct of MSOP staff and Administrators directly to the police.

On September 20, 2006 I document yet another failed attempt to plead with Hanten or Michel/relay/Opheim to intervene and hold MSOP accountable to follow their own policies and rules, the law, and the Constitution. Advocate & Ombudsman for who?

My next two I paired here are from 9/20/06 & 9/21/06:

In the first one I state that mey request is: "TEAM Night Shift 2:30 AM" "for night staff to place in my mailbox tonight any MSOP or DHS policy, procedure, directive, memo, etc., in writing, which authorizes night staff to use the patient griddle or any other grilling type equipment inside the South Unit during Patient curfew hours. I have been repeatedly awoken, as tonight aroungd 0200 hrs. to the smell of food cooking out on the Unit, where w/o any exhaust fans the Unit smokes up and the smoke and heavy food smells of grilled food enters my cell where I have no fresh air and wakes me up out of a dead sleep, when I am in desperate need of proper rest, as the Unit Handbook states is very important to adequately function on the "Therapeutic Concepts Unit". I have to bear this invasive disruption to my sleep for nearly an hour until the cell begins to deoderize to the point I can attempt to sleep again. I have no state meals for over 14 hrs. between 4:30 pm supper and 6:45 AM BFAST & this practice of 2-3 AM cookouts is very upsetting to me as I'm hungry & forced to smell it. P.S. The night staff's justification for 2:00 AM Unit BBQ's/Cookouts was that they can't order out after 1:00 AM. I suggest they eat before & after their shifts, and limit any cooking to the Unit microwave. Will raise @ Comm. Mtg. tomorrow & to Grimm, Johnston, Erskine & Ludeman."

MSOP South Unit Dogwatch (or overnight) teammates would come into work for their shift, play video games and watch movies all night that family members and loved ones brought their state hostage. An MSOP Dogwatch custom/practice was for these young staff members to have a full blown barbeque/cookout on the South Unit after they got the munchies (on your Taxdollars) around 2-3 am nearly every night/early am, when the "patients" were supposed be getting their beauty sleep.

There was no exhaust or ventilation on the South Unit, so when these kids would use the "Patient Griddle" to cook steaks, chops, chicken, burgers--you name it, the entire Unit would fill to some degree with smoke and the aroma and smells would penetrate into all of our cells waking us up after not been fed supper ("State Worm" as I called DOC/MSOP slop that passes for "food") since the previous late afternoon around 4:30 pm. MSOP refused to allow us hostages to have ANY food in our cells, unlike in prison, where I had shelves of food to eat at any time.

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